Despite my worst allergies in years and a series of blog crashes that made me want to throw my computer in the river, May was actually a pretty good month. Why? Because the other day I set Harlow's breakfast down in front of her and Harlow said, "Thank you."


It's all worth it now.

Harlow also had her 18 month check-up this week. 18 months! Can you believe it? She's getting so big.

Well, not big for 18 months apparently. She is just under the 3rd percentile, weighing in at 19.9 lbs. At 31" she is doing slightly better in the height category. That's 25th percentile for anyone following along with a growth chart at home.

I'm not worried because the doctor says the most important thing is that her weight stays consistent and she has been in the same percentile since we started. Tiny and holding steady. 

At the appointment, Harlow was running around the pediatrician's office in her diaper, babbling nonsense nonstop with a huge smile on her face. Then the nurse came up to her and said cheerily, "Are you a little monkey?" Harlow stopped dead in her tracks, looked up at the nurse with her evilest glare and said, clear as day, "NO". 

I wish I was filming it.

Mazzy had her first dance recital this month and I got to see her up on stage, shaking her tush, in a shiny sequined costume. Even better were her two boy friends wearing shiny sequined suits.


I can't say that what they did up there was all that impressive but it was ADORABLE. And I can't show you what they did up there because I wasn't allowed to take photos or videos. Which begs the question…

If your child dances in a dance recital and you aren't allowed to film it, did it happen?

They told us the banning of photography was to help us all enjoy the recital in the moment, instead of through our iPhones. I think that's a lovely sentiment.

I also think it sets them up nicely for selling photos and videos taken by their professional photographer.

What else happened in May besides me spending my diaper money on dance recital pics?

• We bought a house!

Harlow looked badass on a scooter

• Mazzy painted the town pink

• I posed with a pregnant Snooki

• Mayhem killed it with a Vogue collaboration

• Tony Hale packed my diaper bag

Melissa Rivers insulted my mom's skin care routine

• Babies got angry on my behalf

• We shed tears for the loss of Harlow's jacket

• We dreamed of a perfect morning

• Our kids said "thanks for nothing"

• I forgot it was Mother's Day

• We all collectively went braindead

• I answered questions about my full-time blog job

• You all took lots of "melfies"

• Nordstrom gave me my own shop

• Mazzy wowed with her baking tutorial debut

Paulina Porizkova made me question my mom skills

Megan Hilty agreed to babysit

• We lost a dance-off to a one-year-old

And finally….

• We realized we should probably never eat anything a toddler bakes again

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend of sun, fun and babies who say "thank you" when you give them breakfast. It's really all I need.

Well, that and a tissue. DAMN ALLERGIES! 

xoxo, Mommy Shorts