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This week on The Mommy Show, I prepare Megan Hilty for her impending chid. That’s my ominous way of saying the girl is preggers. Also, I might have pushed the “baby prep” envelope by telling her having children is hell.

You’re not supposed to tell a woman pregnant with her first child that, right?

My bad.

You might know Megan from her starring role in Smash, the Broadway show Wicked or for being the voice of Tinkerbell’s friend Rosetta, but her most recent addition to her IMDB profile is the role of the China Princess in Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.

At first, I thought playing the China Princess was a little like that time I was cast as the Five of Hearts in a 5th grade production of Alice in Wonderland. (I had one line— “The queen will be off with our heads!”)

But, it turns out, Legends of Oz is an animated sequel to the original and the role of the China Princess is the equivalent of being the Scarescrow or the Tin Man in the first version. Good to know.


In addition to talking about her new movie, Megan dishes about her pregnancy (“It’s a girl!”), takes a swaddling lesson given by yours truly (she’s a fast learner!) and gets quizzed on the functions of strange looking baby gear (she’s horrified!).

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Also in this episode, Mazzy teaches Megan a little trick to stop a baby from crying.

It’s important to note, this was not something fed to Mazzy by the producers. This is a something Mazzy actually doess when Harlow gets upset. Specifically, in the car when I am sitting in the front seat and Mazzy needs to work wonders without me.


Usually, Harlow stops crying and starts imitating Mazzy instead. Then they do it together for the next thirty minutes, which can get a little annoying but is much better than the alternative.

Click to see the full episode (and Mazzy’s Patented Baby Whisperer Technique):