On Friday, when I asked what changes you would like to see to my blog, there was one request that was repeated over and over. You wanted an easy way to find my first post so that you could read my blog from the very beginning.

Well, you don’t need to wait for me to redesign my whole blog to make that happen. I can do that right now. If you’ll notice, on the top of my left sidebar, right below my picture, I added a little button that says, “Click here to start from the beginning”.


It will send you to this post.

Hi again!

I wanted to write a quick disclaimer before I sent you down the rabbithole.

I didn’t start this blog when Mazzy was born. I started Mommy Shorts when Mazzy was about eight months old. In fact, I didn’t get around to writing Mazzy’s birth story until she turned two.

Mommy Shorts was very different when I started. I cursed more. I wrote shorter posts. Sometimes I’d post a quote or a video and that was it. It’s interesting to see how my blog has evolved since then, but my fear is that if you find Mommy Shorts for the first time and click “start from the beginning”, you’ll have a very different impression of what goes on here.

It’s kind of like asking a writer for an example of their work and the writer handing over a paper they wrote in junior high school.

For instance, my very first post is called “This is What My Baby Looks Like When She is Taking a Dump”. It’s one sentence long and says that Mazzy gave me a black eye so I posted the picture in retaliation. Which is true (I show off my shiner in my second post), but I would never post that picture today.

As Mazzy has grown up and more people read along, I have become much more sensitive about what I post about my girls.

This is not to say that I gloss over the truth. I think it’s really important to be honest about parenthood. But I try to find ways to do it that won’t be too offensive for my children in the future.

At the beginning, I was trying to set a tone (this is not your typical Mommy Blog!) and now I find it somewhat unnecessary. I’m just myself. So, if you find yourself cringing a bit at “Mommy Shorts: The Early Days”, please know that I probably am too.

Alright, now that you’ve been properly prepared, feel free to CLICK HERE TO START AT THE BEGINNING.

But if it’s your first time here and you really want to know what this blog is all about, check out the Best of Mommy Shorts first. It includes my most popular posts (just updated yesterday!), as well as a bunch of my more personal stories. Personal stories aren’t the posts that get the most “shares”, but my regular readers tell me that’s the stuff they like to read the best. (Thank you, that was very nice to hear. If there is a post you think should be on there that I missed, please tell me in the comments.)

Did you know Mommy Shorts turns three tomorrow?

I wouldn’t have known either if you guys hadn’t inspired me to go back and look for my first post.

Now. How should we celebrate?