Before I talk about this episode of The Mommy Shorts Show (which was filmed almost three years ago!), I have to say one thing. Tony Hale is absolutely adorable and while filming, I might have developed a wee bit of a crush on him.

Yes, I know, you might be surprised that the Emmy award winning actor, best known for playing awkward asexual man children like Buster from Arrested Development and Gary Walsh from Veep, is actually incredibly charming, distractingly handsome and kind of glows in person.

Trust me. You would be smitten too.

You would also find it adorable that he brought his lovely wife to my apartment as his entourage. She complimented me on my home decor. I fell in love with them both.

What else did Tony Hale do on The Mommy Shorts Show besides make me act like a thirteen-year-old girl who had just met Harry Styles?

He talked about napping, made pirate hook hands out of tin foil and organized my diaper bag. Isn’t that what everybody would do with Tony Hale if he came over?


Three more things you should know about this episode:

1) Someone should probably report me to child protective services for handing my four-year-old a pair of scissors and telling her to puncture a plastic cup.

2) Tony Hale went directly from my place to Letterman. (How cool is that?)

3) When we were finished filming, Tony told me what a great service mom bloggers are doing for the parenting community.



Check out the episode below…

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