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Fashion By Mayhem is the wildly popular Instagram feed where mother (Angie) and daughter (Mayhem) work together to create fabulous dresses out of paper.

I like to think I discovered them because when I posted about them back in February, Angie had about 1000 followers. Later that same day, after E-Online and the Huffington Post had picked up my story, she had 80K. By the end of the week she was over 300K. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Vogue magazine, she is about to hit 400K.

Wait. The four-year-old girl who makes paper dresses collaborated with Vogue?

Yep. She did.

Vogue asked Angie and Mayhem to create iconic #MetGala dresses like the half-plaid number worn by Sarah Jessica Parker below. They also created  a white dress by Alexander McQueen, Rihanna's famous Dolce and Gabana tux, and J.Lo's stunning red Gucci gown.


Then Rihanna retweeted the tux just to make sure Mayhem realized she was now the most faboulous four-year-old in the world. 

She is.

I don't know what one does after they've appeared in Vogue, but I am excited to find out. 

Maybe a show in New York's Fashion Week?


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