This brilliant chart was created by my friend Nicole Leigh Shaw for NickMom. I love it because it is SO SO me.

Did anybody else see that Sarah Jessica Parker movie called I Don't Know How She Does It Either? She plays a working mom and there is a scene where they show her climbing into bed and then constructing a long complicated list in her head of all the things she needs to do the next day.

It's supposed to illustrate how ridiculous it is that she is responsible for so much, but all I took away was— WOW. My brain is so shot, I don't even bother making lists in my head anymore. That would be like writing the Great American Novel on toilet paper. Or memorizing a speech while I was drunk.  

It's healthy to know your limits, right?

The chart also makes me happy because I get to forward it to my husband and say "See??? This is why I forget everything. It's a mom thing. You try birthing two babies and then remembering the guy is coming to fix the air conditioner on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!"

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