About three days before Mother's Day, I had the following conversation with my four-year-old daughter.

MAZZY: Mom, I made you a Mother's Day gift but it's a surprise so I'm not going to tell you anything more about it, okay?

ME: Okay.

MAZZY: I hid it in the drawer so you can't see it. 

ME: Okay.

MAZZY: It's in this drawer right here, but don't open it, okay?

ME: Okay.

MAZZY: It's a picture I made for you with a heart on it but I don't want you to see it until Mother's Day so it's a surprise, ok?

(Note to self: Never tell my daughter a secret.)

I didn't open the drawer because I am one of the few people on this planet who don't like to spoil my own surprises. I never looked for my holiday gifts growing up and I was immensely disappointed for everybody involved if I ever found out about a surprise party before it happened. For the record, I was only really surprised once, which was awesome. My birthday is around Thanksgiving and my mom surprised me by having all my friends show up for our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Point being, I didn't see my Mother's Day picture until Mazzy woke me up by shoving it in my face.

Ah, the smell of fresh crayons in the morning— such a joy.

Mazzy's Mother's Day picture was a picture of Mazzy giving me a Mother's Day picture.


My four-year-old is VERY META. 

The only thing that kind of sucks about the picture is that she drew it on the back of the princess drawing I posted a few weeks ago. Without a proper backing, you see both pictures at once. Ah, well. I loved it anyway.

But let's backtrack to 5am that same morning.

Harlow started crying and woke me up. I got up, as per usual, completely forgetting it was Mother's Day. I changed her diaper, made her breakfast and put on Frozen (as requested— "Ah-na! Ah-na! Ah-na!") and then was like— OH FUCK! This was supposed to be the day I didn't have to do this shit!

Then I woke Mike's ass up (no easy task) and said, "Go sit with Harlow. I'm going back to bed."

Next thing I knew, Mazzy was shoving the picture in my face.

After the picture, Mazzy ran back into the other room and I overheard her negotiating with Mike about how involved she had to be in making me pancakes.

"I'm not going to help, but don't tell Mom, okay?"

So sweet.

After pancakes (chocolate chip, my favorite), Mike took Mazzy to soccer while Harlow napped. I got to take a shower and get ready in peace. Then Mike and Mazzy picked us up in the car and we all drove to Grammy and Sammy's house for the day.

"YAY!!!!!!! GRAMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Mazzy is always more excited by Grammy than me. Harlow is already following in Mazzy's footsteps. It's fine. I like hearing their enthusiam even if it isn't aimed in my direction.

Being with the family at Grammy's is a joy because she puts out every toy she can find in the yard. Harlow made herself at home at the water table. She is an obsessive hand washer so water as an actual activity was a dream come true. She also loved driving the toy car.



Then my mom turned on the sprinkler and Harlow, fearless thing that she is, ran right in before I had the chance to change her into her bathing suit. They had a blast.



The weather was glorious, Mazzy and Harlow behaved (they always behave at Grammy's which is half the reason I wanted that to be my Mother's Day plan) and we all had a really lovely day.





No, I didn't get a good picture with just me and the girls. I assure you, it was not for lack of trying. 

On the way back home, we all napped in the car while Mike drove. I'll skip the five alarm tantrum Harlow had when we got back to the city because who wants to remember that part?

As for gifts, mine is TBD. Mike is going to take me shopping for something this week. He actually didn't say "this week" but I added that in there as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One of the good things about being a mom blogger is sometimes brands send you Mother's Day gifts which make you feel better about the absence of gifts from your own family.

Thank you, Calvin Klein for the Euphoria perfume.

Thank you, Equinox for the "Mom Jeans". I think. They are two sizes too small so I'm guessing that was supposed to inspire me to go the gym?

Thank you, Little Miss Party for the necklace and electric blue carrying case.


Thank you, Bouqs Company for the two dozen pink roses.

And thank you, Mike for the gift you will be getting me later THIS WEEK.


Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! Did you get anything good?