There have been almost 5000 submissions in the #rewardyourselfie hashtag on Instagram (read all about the contest here) and I must say, I have really enjoyed playing Oprah for the last two weeks. "You get a camera and you get a camera and you get a camera!"

Thanks Olympus for the opportunity.

I hope the photos of all the beautiful mommas with their beautiful children brought everyone as much as joy as they brought me. I hope TAKING all those beautiful photos of yourselves with your kiddos brought you even more joy. I wish I could give all 5000 of you cameras.

I guess that's where Oprah would come in handy.

Maybe just a few hundred cameras to reward the moms who innundated their followers for fifteen days straight with selfie after selfie? Whaddaya say, Oprah?

Stedman, are you listening? Gayle?

Since I can't give something to everybody, I put together a little video to say thanks for making my Mother's Day a little bit brighter. More importantly, to remind you all to put yourselves in the picture every once in awhile, even when there's no chance of winning a prize.

Here are photos of the 15 lucky moms who will take home an Olympus TG-850…

Congratulations, all! I hope you take even better pictures with your new cameras.

The Olympus TG-850 is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and freeze proof. Meaning its perfect for moms with little kids who like to drool on electronics before kicking them down the stairs. It also has pro-quality video and a 180 degree flip LCD, which will give you much better quality than those iPhone videos you've been taking.


But no matter what you use to take pictures, the moral of this contest is…

Every now and then, remember to include yourself in a picture.

You are pretty. Your kids are cute. How could you go wrong?

I hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!

XO, Mommy Shorts


This is a sponsored post for Olympus but all thoughts and opinions are my own.