Giveaway: $250 Mini Boden Gift Card


The question I get asked most on Instagram is, “Where did you get Harlow’s jacket?” This is because a) it’s a really cute jacket and b) Harlow is wearing it in almost every picture. It’s gotten so ridiculous, I think twice about posting photos with her wearing the jacket because pretty soon people will be asking me if Harlow owns any other clothes.

“Where did Harlow get her jacket?”

“I love Harlow’s jacket. Where did you get it?”

“Harlow’s got great style. Where’s her jacket from?”

“Ummmmm….doesn’t Harlow have any other clothes besides that jacket?”

The jacket is from Mini Boden (as I’ve said a thousand times) and at this point, I think even Mini Boden is sick of seeing Harlow wearing their jacket. I know this because they contacted me to ask if I wanted to pick out some new spring clothes for my kids.

I imagine the internal meeting held on Harlow’s behalf…

Mini Boden Exec #1: Did you see that cute baby wearing our jacket all over Instagram?

Mini Boden Exec #2: I did. But did you notice that she is never wearing anything else?

Mini Boden Exec #1: Interesting. Maybe the mother is too busy to buy her child new clothes?

Mini Boden Exec #2: We can’t have Mini Boden associated with neglect! Get that mother on the phone!

Then someone’s assistant got a hold of me, I screamed “WOOHOOO!!!” for about thirty minutes and then sat down at my computer to choose an outfit for each kid.*

*Not how events actually transpired.

In all seriousness, Mini Boden is my absolute favorite place to shop for kid’s clothes online. They’ve got adorably unique styles designed to appeal to kids and their clothes are made from super-soft fabrics that last wash after wash. I know this because Harlow’s jacket is still in great shape despite repeated washings. (Harlow might be wearing the same jacket all the time, but at least it’s a CLEAN jacket.)

I let Mazzy pick her outfit herself and she immediately got excited about a navy blue skirt with pink flamingoes on it. This felt like a minor victory, because the skirt wasn’t completely pink (Mazzy’s go-to color), but I guess pink enough to make it socially acceptable amongst her pink-loving friends.


We paired it with a white tank with a little blue bow on the neckline (not sure how I got that choice through) and a pink cardigan that Mazzy will throw over every outfit from now on, NO DOUBT. She also surprised me by picking purple slip-on sneakers. The purple sneakers don’t really match but I think that’s ok. Kid’s clothes are even cuter when they wear bizarre color combos adults can’t pull off.

I think the outfit looks perfect.


Photo 1

Harlow was even easier because I can pick anything I want. I got her a vintage looking floral top with bright yellow jeans with little stars on them and an aqua cardigan. I also added an adorable pair of polka-dot socks.


Maybe Harlow was secretly seething at the lack of pink, but put on a good face since she cannot talk. Who knows.


Photo copy 5

The real trick was getting them to take a photo together.

Photo copy 7

Photo 2 (4)

Photo copy 2

At the end of my little photo shoot, I threw on Harlow’s predictable Mini Boden coat. The one I love which will soon be too warm to wear and no longer fit next fall.

Photo 3 (1)

I will miss that coat. One of the hardest things about being a mom is giving up the clothes you love when your baby outgrows them. Especially if you are not saving them for the next kid, like you did with your first.

Buying new adorable clothes is the best therapy.

Also— don’t be surprised if you see Mazzy’s outfit start to take over my Instagram. Mazzy has worn the flamingo skirt at least twice in three days.

Photo 1 (4)

Photo 4 (1)

Can you blame her?


Today, I am giving away a $250 Mini Boden gift card to one lucky reader. That’s enough cash to buy either outfit and then some! Plus, Mini Boden is giving Mommy Shorts readers 15% off everything plus free shipping from now until May 24, 2014. Just use the code J9C7 at checkout.


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Winner will be announced on May 16th.



UPDATE: Congratulations to Alyssa Lamano! She was randomly selected to win a $250 gift card to Mini Boden. She said the first thing she is going to put in her cart is a 5 pack of mini boxers for her recently potty trained 18 month-old little boy. Whoa, that’s impressive. Let’s hope he keeps those boxers clean!