My name is Ilana. I’m a working mom from NYC who writes a blog instead of sleeping. I have two daughters. Harlow is seven-years-old and Mazzy is ten. If you think you have more adorable children, Mazzy and Harlow will challenge your children to a cuteness contest. Where everyone will automatically tie. Because pitting our kids against each other is totally NOT COOL. (Although I do it all the time.)

My husband’s name is Mike. I love him slightly more than my computer. But slightly less than ice cream. The four of us plan to stay in downtown Manhattan until someone drags us kicking and screaming to the ‘burbs.

More about me:

I worked as a creative director in advertising for over 15 years before I quit to focus on Mommy Shorts full-time in November 2013. Using this blog to earn a living is more work than I ever imagined but nothing beats the flexibility of running your own business when you have kids.

What can you expect on Mommy Shorts?

In addition to personal stories, I like to post parenting charts, baby memes and episodes of “The Mommy Show”, where I interview celebrities at home while I take care of my kids.


I do a ton of contests including giveaways, photo contests and comment competitions. My goal is to keep my blog as interactive as possible. I also like to show off my Instagram photos- in fact the top banner of Mommy Shorts is my Instagram feed, constantly updating.

PR/Advertising Stuff:

I love doing sponsored programs for brands I believe in. Brainstorming campaign ideas is my background and what I do best.

Please email me if you would like a copy of my media kit.

Email: info@mommyshorts.com