Last week, I joined the hoards of pregnant women hoping to get their hands on the latest and greatest products for new moms at the Biggest Baby Shower, an event hosted by Big City Moms

Am I pregnant? Not even a little. And if I did get pregnant, that would be the worst advertisement for an IUD of all time.

I went because I am now "media". Isn't that fancy? I got a media pass which allowed me to cut the entire line out front, kinda like an Olsen twin at a Manhattan club. Except instead of dancing on a table swigging back Cristal, I spent the evening sampling gummi vitamins and learning about the latest innovations in collapsible cribs.

I am never going to be cool again.

Although, I did bump into Snooki so that felt kind of cool. She introduced herself as Nicole and was happy to pose for a picture, despite my friend practically tackling her to get her attention.


FYI- I'm 5'4" and Snooki is wearing heels. I have never felt so tall in my life.

There were hundreds of booths at the event, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. What set these booths apart from the others? The people standing behind them are all longtime fans and readers of Mommy Shorts. Sometimes all you need to do to get some promotion is to read a blog religiously for 3+ years.

Photo copy 2

The first booth belonged to Little Miss Party, a party planning service specializing in small space events started by my good friends Seri and Michelle. If you've been paying attention, you know I share an office with Seri (she's the one on the left). They designed both Mazzy's Milk and Cookies Party and Harlow's Pancakes and Pajamas Party.

They also designed these pretty cookies which everyone ogled over and I was like— fuck that shit, I'm taking a bite.


It was as tasty as it was purty.

Seri and Michelle were showing off their impeccable taste by decking out their booth in more style than anybody else in the place and doing a Mother's Day Brunch in a Box partnership with Sur La Table.

How pretty is this?


I'm guessing this is the kind of Mother's Day Brunch that happens after your kids have moved out.

Little Miss Party gets so many requests for party planning outside of NYC (it's true, I overhear all the calls), they now offer a Party in a Box service which gets you a custom box for any theme you choose, filled with all the decor you need including handmade touches made by Little Miss Party just for you. If you'd like to contact them, click here.

Next, I bumped into Emma from Blinkbuggy— that's the online baby book site that sponsored my Cakesmash Smackdown. They were talking about their new app and printed photo books.


I think the real draw of Blinkbuggy is organizing the memories you want to remember (whether it be photos, artwork, quotes, etc.) in a pretty-to-look-at and easily searchable way. If you'd like to try it out, click here

Then, I saw my friend Sarina, a self-professed Mommy Shorts addict (God, I eat that stuff up!) who is now working with a new app called Baby Bundle. It was created by NYC pediatrician, Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, who answers every single question you'll ever have about your newborn's health so you don't have to bother your pediatrician at all hours of the night.

The app offers a complete set of reliable tools for new parents, like a growth tracker, a check-up planner, a health reference and a built-in baby monitor.


This past April, Baby Bundle was featured as "Best New App" and selected as an "Editor's Choice" in the Apple Store. You can download it here.

Lastly, I'm going to give a shout-out to The Candy Cart. I don't know them and they don't know me but I kept doing drive-bys to steal their candy.

Photo copy 3

I also ran into my friend Lauren from Mommy in the City. She just had her third kid and looks fantastic. And I'm not going to lie, I'm posting this photo because I like how I look in it too.


I ended the evening trying to hail a cab with a fifty pound bag of swag.

Photo copy

Isn't that how the best evenings end?