It’s the Mother’s Day episode of The Mommy Show! Starring Melissa Rivers! And Adela Rosengarten! Otherwise known as MY MOTHER!

Since Melissa has a show with her mom (Joan Knows Best? on We TV), I thought it would be fun to have my mom take Mazzy’s place for the day. My mother even sat at the coffee table coloring just like my usual sidekick.

Grammy is the best sport.

Melissa Rivers was great too and gave me some much needed advice about maintaining a good relationship with your mother as you get older. Something about medication and never respecting eachother’s boundaries. Sounds good to me!

Also in this epsiode, Melissa critiques your toddlers’ style (thanks to everyone who submitted pictures!) and makes paper ballerinas, which is actually a pretty great craft.

I should also tell you that this episode is Mazzy’s least favorite. Pretty sure it’s because she’s not really in it. Oh, the vanity!

Hit play to watch the full episode.

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