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A few years ago, Mike and I were debating whether we should move to the suburbs. Currently, we live in a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. It's actually not that small by NYC standards but it's certainly small by any other city's standards.

Except maybe Tokyo. But that's just a guess.

Mike thought it would be nice to have a kitchen that two people could fit in at once. I thought it would be nice not to eventually share a wall with two teenage girls.

But we both love the convenience of the city (and the culture blah blah blah) and can't imagine leaving. 

So, instead of looking for a house in the 'burbs, we decided to look for a bigger apartment.

Unfortunately, it seems the price of buying a third bedroom in Manhattan is basically the same as buying a WHOLE OTHER HOUSE.

NOTE: I'm not saying a three bedroom apartment is the same price as a house. I'm saying THE THIRD BEDROOM is the same price as a house. Maybe not the same as buying a mansion in Scarsdale. But the same as buying a more modest house a couple hours from the city.

(Yes, New York City is ridiculous. I am aware.)

Mike and I decided in an ideal world, we'd stay in our current apartment and buy a summer house to give the kids a yard and spread out a bit on the weekends.

For a few years, we had fun looking online for imaginary summer houses. I even created a Pinterest board called "My Imaginary Summer House" in which I decorated a space I did not have. (FYI- It's gorgeous. I am a master decorator on Pinterest. I also don't have a budget there. Or children, which explains all the white.)

I swear, I never thought we were ACTUALLY going to buy a summer house, but earlier this year, Mike and I found a piece of property we fell in love with.

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I say "property" because the house itself is not exactly what we were looking for… it's eighties modern with a bad paint job and a hideous deck… but it's situated on a beautiful piece of land with a picturesque creek out back.


It was the sun porch that won us over. It's angled into the backyard so that it really feels like the creek is wrapping aorund the house.

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Also, the layout of the house is awesome. It's three bedrooms with the master separated from the other two by a LOOOOONG hallway. I can't tell you how big a selling point this was for me.

Miracle of miracles, it was priced right.

As of February of this year, we are now the proud owners of a very expensive storage unit in Eastern Long Island. I'm imagining it won't always be a storage unit, but for the time being, while it is sitting furniture-less with a bunch of unopened boxes inside, it certainly feels like it.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we packed up the kids and slept in our new house for the very first time.


Mike thought we would never be able to get the house ready for the summer unless we stayed there. I thought he was grossly underestimating how hellish it would be to wake up in a house with two small children and no furniture. 

Turns out, I was wrong. The kids loved every second of it.

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We didn't even need to buy a house. Mazzy and Harlow would have been happy just to run around the yard and sleep under a tree.

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Even though the house has three bedrooms, we are keeping the girls in one room so we can make the third bedroom a guest room. Since Mazzy and Harlow share a room at home, they don't seem to mind or know the difference. The guest room and their room is joined by a bathroom and they must have spent a good hour running in circles (Mazzy heading one way and Harlow heading the opposite) and then screaming when they met in the middle.

It was awesome.

Another moment I loved? 

Mike and I sitting at our kitchen table/bridge table sipping coffee while Mazzy and Harlow played in the other room.


Oh my god, I have not experienced being childless in my kitchen before 7:30pm in four years.

I have tons more thoughts to share with you about our house (the terrifying nature of having a staircase for the first time, how sexy Mike looks when he is putting up a fence by himself, the fact that the ice cream truck drives down our street at the precise moment I put the children to bed, how to baby proof a CREEK) as well as interior shots, but I'll save them for another time.

If all goes as planned, I'll be talking about this house for the rest of my life.

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