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I was just about to go to bed when I saw this video. Literally, lying in bed and now I’m sitting at my computer. Why do I bring my phone to bed to make one last check of the internet, WHY???

It’s a video called “Thanks Mom” except it’s not about doing the laundry so your kids can go about their business of training for the Olympics (*ahem* P&G), it’s the sarcastic version where kids thank their moms for making them afraid of germs (“I’m like the Howard Hughes of first grade”), for telling them gum chewing is illegal and for using them as an excuse to get out of social obligations (guilty!).

It was made to promote a book I’ve never heard of called “How Not to Calm a Baby on a Plane” by Johanna Stein which is the universe’s way of telling me I have to get off my ass and write a book soon before all the mom topics are taken.

Thanks, Johanna. (Said sarcastically.)

Check out the hilariousness below…