There are a lot of things I would have done differently had I planned for my second child when I had my first. 

For instance, I might have made Mazzy's room more gender neutral instead of the girliest room alive (I lucked out with that one). I wouldn't have given my mother piles of baby clothes to store without sorting and labeling them by size. And I wouldn't have bought a huge single dresser instead of leaving room for two.

But the biggest mistake I made was buying a ridiculously expensive single stroller (I'll leave the price up to your imagination) that couldn't eventually accomodate my second. 

Thankfully, I have this blog, and nice people sometimes give me stuff for free. After Harlow was born, Britax kindly sent me their basic B-Ready stroller complete with all the components to turn it into a double. (Before you get jealous, know that I am up at 1am writing this post while you are fast asleep.)

The Britax B-Ready is a modular single stroller that can also accommodate an infant carseat (or two if you have twins), a bassinet and a second seat in over 14 different configurations— the mind boggles, doesn't it?

For the urban dweller, like myself, it has large foam wheels for navigating snowy sidewalks or dirt paths in Central Park, a large amount of storage underneath the seat, perfect for shoplifting diapers at Whole Foods, and most importantly, an easily collapsible frame so you can quickly break it down and stick it in the trunk of a taxi without making a harried mom spectacle of yourself while stopping traffic.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and it handles way better than my single stroller— I barely have to use any arm strength to push both kids. And the components are super easy to interchange, and this is coming from someone who usually asks her husband to do this sort of thing for her.

Look, here's me, traveling all the way to the Upper East Side by myself to meet a friend at the Met. With my old stroller, I never ventured outside of walking distance.


And here's Mazzy looking pleased as punch in the second seat:


Now for the exciting news…

To commemorate the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage reaching 10,000 fans, Britax has agreed to give a B-Ready Stroller ($500), in the color of your choice, to one lucky reader. Just to be clear— that's the basic single stroller— the additional components come separately and you can purchase to add-on when necessary. For instance, the second seat costs $150.

I wish I could give you all strollers to thank you for reading my stories and sharing your own over the past two plus years, but alas, I am not Oprah. 

Only 7,990,016 fans to go.



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Winner will be announced Friday, February 8th.