The Halloween Costume Awards are a little belated this year since many towns on the East Coast celebrated late due to Hurricane Sandy.

There were tons of photos submitted to the Mommy Shorts fanpage (including Peyton's direct challenge to Mazzy's Olivia costume up top) and I couldn't possibly use all of them. But I did my best. 

I'm gonna give "Best Olivia" to Peyton, since I bet Peyton wore her ears all night and not just for the two seconds it took to take her picture. I had to bribe Mazzy with chocolate to put her ears on, and then they stayed as far away from her head as possible from that point forward.

Ready for the rest?

Let's start with Kinley who wins "Most Likely to Disappoint his Over-achieving Parents":


Next up we have Annalise who wins "Best Chicken Trap Set by a Lion":


Then there's Lucas who wins "Most Likely to Jump on Your Back, Scare the Living Daylights Out of You and Try to Steal Your Snacks" (although I might just be speaking from a personal experience):


"Best Clark Kent" was close but I'm giving it to Hurley (on right) for being the only baby I know who can sit still while wearing glasses and a tie:


Reese wins "Most Likely to Shop at Spencer's Gifts":


Aubrey wins the "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" award for her very brave Buzz Lightyear costume:


While Harper takes home "Most Impatient Monkey" for attempting to eat a fully-wrapped Hershey bar:


An oddly large amount of kids were up for "Best Garden Gnome" this year, but I had to give it to Jenna (bottom left) for being fenced into her stroller (as if straps weren't tantrum-inducing enough!):


Uriah won "Most Likely to Spend Her College Savings on Orthodonture":


The "BIG IN JAPAN" award goes to Evan and his brother Liam:


A POSE-OFF for "Best Spiderman" resulted in a tie:


Reagan takes home "Most Affectionate Ladybug":


Zoey and Sam win "Best Advertisement for 'The Paper Bag Princess' ". (Seriously, I just bought it.)


And Noah gets "Smartest Way to Hide a Belly Full of Fun Size Snickers":


Sadie wins the "How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You I Hate Wonder Woman???" award and her prize is a set of brand new parents!


These quadrulpets vied for "Best Boston Terrier Costume" and the one on the bottom totally kicked ass: 


Peyton wins Rodney Dangerfield's role in the remake of Caddyshack:


"Best Family Costume" was a tough race between "Wizard of Oz", "Cat in the Hat" and "The Nerds", but ultimately, "The Nerds" teamed up with the Omega Moos, beat everyone in a tricycle race, sold topless photos disguised by pie for charity and gained control of the Greek Council:


Wesley's trash can costume wins "Most Humiliating Method of Keeping Your Toddler from Running Away":


"Best Wig" was a close race between Merida, Rapunzel and Strawberry Shortcake but Mazzy determined Strawberry Shortcake the winner. I think she was bribed with freshly baked sweets:


Oliver wins the "This is Even Funnier if You're Stoned" award for his CHEAP-ASS LAST-MINUTE NO-EFFORT costume. (See more cheapass last minute costumes here.)


"Cutest Costume" was a super tight race, including Dorothy, a tiger, Jessie, Thomas, Pocahontas, and a dragon:


Ultimately, I had to give it to siblings Elijah, Issiah and Nevaeh, because OH MY GOD, HOW ADORABLE ARE THEY???


Kaelyn and Maecyn win "Most Exhausting Costume" for lugging around their two ton EYE SCREAM TRUCK:


"Most Coordinated Siblings" was a tie between the Zoo and the Hogwarts Student Body but I'll give it to Hogwarts since by the looks of it, those parents are going to be dealing with five teenage girls at once:


"Least Coordinated Siblings" is a total toss-up but I'll give it to the Killer Clown, the Zombie and Mr. T:


Liam wins the "Lost in Translation" award for his Star Wars Stormtrooper riding a log in a barn:


Kateri wins "Most Successful Pirate" for her sippy cup full of LIQUID GOLD:


Abigael's Zombie Schoolgirl gets "Least Reformed from the Evil Baby Glare-Off":


While Coralie wins "Most Reformed from the Evil Baby Glare-off" for her less-than-threatening ladybug costume:


Oops, scratch that. Apparently, Coralie is dressed as "The Grouchy Ladybug":

Coralie 2

Here's Elizabeth dressed as Blue from Blue's Clues. She wins "Most Likely to be Attacked, Bagged and Dragged Home By My Daughter":


The "Creeper Award" goes to Eddie and his embarassingly sparse mustache:


Marisa (on right) wins "Least Likely to Make it Through the Night Without Bite Marks":


Avia wins "Most Likely to Listen to Blind Melon":


And Ben wins "Most Likely to Walk Into Walls Instead of Through Them":


"The Kim Kardashian Award" goes to Ellery since she looks just as good coming as she does going:


Nora's candy corn wins "The Donna Martin Commemorative Mermaid Award" for making it impossible to get down a flight of stairs:


And Shai wins "The Mazzy Lifetime Achievement Award" for being "Least Likely to Quit Begging for that Tootsie Pop":


I would also like to award Brooklyn (on right) a special honor for proving last year's theory: one out of every ten toddlers will go as "Child Of A Mom Who Didn't Love Me Enough To Ignore My Massive Tantrum And Force Me Into My Dinosaur Costume":


And finally, I'll give the GRAND (prize-less) PRIZE to Jenna for her "Least Impressed with Halloween" costume:


Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures! There were so many cute ones that didn't get included.

Stay tuned for the next photo contest which will be "Babies Exiting the Birth Canal". You've all got plenty of shots to share, right?

Wish me luck over the weekend. I promise, if I give birth, you all will be the first to know. 

Well, probably not, but I can't kick Mike out of the room and start tweeting, right? (Or can I…)

Have a great weekend!

โ€” Mommy Shorts