Mazzy has opened a store. It's located between the couch and the bookshelf and the inventory changes constantly.

She sells shells, rocks, playing cards, homemade Blue's Clues, costume jewelry, and farm animal figurines.

Prices vary depending on the day.

Whether she is willing to sell anything to you at all or even grasps the basic principles of consumerism is anybody's guess.

Sometimes she says she is selling and sometimes she says she is buying, which can only mean that she is running an elaborate importer/exporter business out of our end table.

Despite her recent entry into the business world, Mazzy can be surprisingly shrewd.

She insists on taking your money before she hands over your purchase and then she almost always immediately reclaims it by saying "I'll hold it for you for later"— knowing full well that you will forget about the sale come tomorrow.

She also knows that if you want to sell something for a high price and your customer is known to bargain, you should start obscenely high. 

Like the time she tried to sell poop in a box to her dad for $50. 

Yes, there's video. (That's me laughing and trying my best to hold the camera straight.)


Did I mention she is very exclusive about who she sells to?