When Mazzy was a baby, she would wear her clothes to the death. Her clothes were stained and ripped and weathered and quite frankly, better suited for the garbage than a bin taking up precious storage space in our apartment waiting for the possibility of another baby to come along. Harlow, on the other hand, has always been much more careful with her clothes and I think that if they had been born the other way around, I would have saved a ton on clothing.

Thankfully, as Mazzy, got older, say around four or five, she started treating her clothes with a little more respect and like most parents, we saved a ton of stuff for her little sister. At that time, all Mazzy wore were dresses (oh man, how times have changed) which works out perfectly for her little sister, because all Harlow wants to wear are dresses too.

This means Harlow, for the first time, is currently swimming in hand-me-downs.

So. I thought it would be fun to compare their styling of the same outfits and ask that age old question that always appears in celebrity gossip magazines…

Who wore it better? Mazzy or Harlow???

Look #1: Pink Polka Dot Sundress

Both Mazzy and Harlow are working this dress to perfection, but I’m giving this one to Mazzy for her metallic sandals. I’ll take strappy sandals over dirty bare feet any day of the week.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #2: Plaid Dress

The thing that sticks out to me the most when I compare Mazzy and Harlow in this dress, is how much older Harlow is than Mazzy when it fit her. Although, I love how Mazzy paired her dress with a cardigan and Harlow with a freshly painted manicure, Mazzy loses based solely on the Crocs. You can’t ever win a fashion competition while wearing Crocs.

Winner: Harlow

Look #3: Pink Color Block Dress

Harlow goes barefoot again, this time resulting in a splinter while Mazzy wears this pink color block dress to climb a tree. Extra points to Mazzy for the unexpected pairing of black and white striped leggings. Very fashion forward.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #4: Floral Tutu Combo

Mazzy wore this dress to her birthday party and paired it with some maroon leggings. Harlow wore it for a night out on the town and paired it with some cupcakes. I’m gonna give it to Mazzy for the pose alone. Clearly someone was feeling confident on her birthday.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #5: Striped Belted Cotton Dress

I love Mazzy’s red felt flower barrette (whatever happened to that????) but look at Harlow working it on Main Street with the matching patent leather yellow sandals. Plus, come on Mazzy with those Crocs again??? What kind of parent allows their kid to wear— oh.

Winner: Harlow

Look #6: Purple Floral Dress

Although Harlow looks super cute with her farm stand backdrop, you have to hand it to Mazzy who perfectly positioned herself over an open grate to get the classic Marilyn Monroe effect.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #7: Pink Ballerina Dress

Mazzy makes a bold choice by adding cheetah leggings under an already flashy dress. Harlow follows suit and accessorizes with a tiara. To sit in her kitchen no less! I have to call this one a tie.

Winner: Mazzy and Harlow

Look #8: Embroidered A-Line Dress

While I like Mazzy’s ability to always dress down dresses with a sporty activity, it’s really impressive to see how Harlow can style this dress both down (with a hat she stole from a friend) and up (with a purse, several bangles, a side bun and Elena of Avalor high heels.) Fun fact: Mazzy and Harlow both chose this dress to wear to events at the same place two years apart.

Winner: Harlow

Look #9: Navy Floral Dress

Mazzy paired her dress with pink leggings and a fabulously propped desk that never looked that clean again. Harlow insisted on wearing this dress when really it was still a couple sizes too big.

Winner: Mazzy (Please clean your desk again!!!)

Look#10: Blue Cotton Dress

To make up for the fact that this dress is blue (the horror!), Mazzy accessorized with a pink bow. Harlow, on the other hand, decided to work with the blue and used some blue ice cream to stain her face to match. Matching is great, but this might have taken it a wee bit far.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #11: Striped Bathing Suit

Both look adorable, but you have to hand it to Mazzy with her side pony and flower barrette. Anyone who takes the time to accessorize at the beach is really practicing their A-game.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #12: Preppy Paisley Dress

I remember trying to talk Mazzy out of wearing those pink polka dot sneakers with a red, white and blue dress, but she just wouldn’t listen. I’m gonna give it to Harlow for accepting my offering of matching red sandals with no complaints.

Winner: Harlow

Look #13: Embroidered White Dress

I love how both Mazzy and Harlow paired their blue and white dress with red accessories, but Harlow’s huge circle sunglasses would steal the show no matter what anybody is wearing.

Winner: Harlow

Look #14: Pink and Purple Snowsuit

Harlow might be able to work the camera but Mazzy’s ability to carry her own skies trumps all things fashion-related.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #15: Pink Cotton Stripes

I remember being wary of Mazzy’s tendency to pair pink on pink on pink, but looking back, it really works. Plus, you have to Mazzy points for finally ditching those Crocs and going with a cooler pair of Natives.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #16: Navy Swimsuit

While Mazzy looks adorable and is wearing her swimsuit exactly as it was intended, you have to admire Harlow’s ability to buck all convention and do her own thing. I mean, is there anybody else in the history of fashion that could pull this look off as effectively?

Winner: Harlow

Look #17: Floral Sundress

Although, I appreciate Harlow’s naturally happy pose and smile, while Mazzy looks like her mom told her to stand on that chair for a picture, I’m going to give it to Mazzy for the matching fotwear.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #18: Star Dress with Tiered Skirt

Although Iim incredibly impressed that both Mazzy and Harlow are wearing matching purple socks and accessories (what are the chances???), I’m always a sucker for a killer pose.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #19: Pink Patterned Dress

I like Mazzy’s bold choice to pair the dress with pink lined cheetah sneakers, but Harlow’s yellow sandals, necklace and aqua headdress really steal the show.

Winner: Harlow

Look #20: Yellow Double Spaghetti Strapped Dress

Apparently both Mazzy and Harlow knew this dress paired well with candy, but I appreciate Harlow’s insistence of posing next to the part of the candy wall that perfectly matched her dress.

Winner: Harlow

Look #21: Red Polka Dot Top

This top looks adorable on both of them and I appreciate Harlow wearing it to camp with shorts, the one time I convinced her not to wear a dress, BUT— I really can’t get over the days when Mazzy used to let me do elaborate braids in her hair. I’m feeling nostalgic.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #22: Cupcake Raincoat

Nothing brightens up a rainy day quite like a cupcake rain coat. Although Mazzy looks adorable wearing her raincoat right after Hurricane Sandy when we were stuck uptown on Halloween without a costume, I really have to hand it to Harlow with her ability to pair so many patterns together at once. Sunglasses, cupcakes, stripes, rainbow patches and hedgehogs on her shoes??? Somehow, it all works.

Winner: Harlow

Look #23: Floral Sundress

Harlow recently outgrew this dress but still insists on wearing it even though it barely makes its way past her upper thighs. I think Mazzy’s pairing with pink leggings, sneakers and her very own faux Times Square Minnie Mouse helps her take this one over the top.

Winner: Mazzy

Look #24: Purple Button Strap Dress

Well, this one might be the toughest of them all. Mazzy looks fantastic with a loose french braid down her back, while Harlow’s adorable pigtails make it hard to look at her without saying, “Awwwww….” I’m going to have to give it to— WAIT. What’s this? There’s someone new who just got into the competition…

Winner: Mazzy and Harlow’s Cousin Neve

Actually, I think the real winner might be THIS DRESS for lasting through both Mazzy and Harlow and making out alive! There are very very few.