Apparently, natural disasters sound a lot scarier from overseas than they do when you are actually in the midst of them. While in Argentina (I'm still stuck here), New York fell victim to Hurricane Irene (hardly late-breaking news, I know) leaving Mike and Mazzy to fend for themselves in downtown Manhattan.

This put me in the tough position of having to trust my husband and his "laissez-faire hurricane-preparedness-attitude" over Mayor Bloomberg and his "doomsday-esque NYC Mayors Office twitter feed".

Phone Conversation I Had With Mike On Saturday:
(day before hurricane was scheduled to hit) 


MIKE: When?

ME: When you evacuate for the hurricane.

Picture 10

MIKE: We're not evacuating.

ME: But you're in an evacuation zone.

MIKE: No. We are in ZONE 3 which is not an evacuation zone.

ME: Shouldn't you err on the side of caution?

Picture 5
We'll be fine.

ME: You don't know that. You have to be prepared for the worst.

Picture 17

MIKE: We're prepared. Don't worry.

ME: Did you tape the windows?

MIKE: I don't think that's necessary.

ME: Everyone is taping windows.

MIKE: Where?

ME: Online.

Picture 18
MIKE: I can see half of Manhattan from our apartment. I see no taped windows.

ME: Bloomingdales boarded up all their windows.

MIKE: Bloomingdales is on the ground floor. We're on the 12th.

ME: I heard that people above the 10th floor should find shelter lower because it's more likely their windows will get knocked out by flying debris.

Picture 7
MIKE: Where are you getting this stuff?

ME: Can you at least stay in Mazzy's room where there are the least amount of windows?

Picture 15
MIKE: Fine.

ME: I might not be able to talk to you for awhile.

MIKE: Why? Where are you going?

ME: No. I mean— if you lose power and then your cell phone battery runs out, I probably won't be in contact with you for a few days.

Picture 22
MIKE: You really have to stop reading stuff online. It's all media hype.

ME: I'm not reading media hype. I'm listening to Mayor Bloomberg.

MIKE: What are you— following Bloomberg on TWITTER? (said with heavy dose of disdain)

ME: No.


ME: Promise you'll stay indoors.

Picture 11

MIKE: Bloomberg is just covering his ass.

ME: Promise.

MIKE: I'll stay indoors.


Phone Conversation With Mike On Sunday Morning:
(after hurricane hit)


MIKE: Yep.

ME: Where are you?

MIKE: Outside.

ME: What do you mean, you're OUTSIDE?!

Picture 14

MIKE: We're fine. It's over. Everyone is outside. It's not even raining.

ME: Is the power out?


ME: Did anything get destroyed?

MIKE: There's a tree that fell down in front of the Italian place. It's like a glorified branch. A foot in diameter at most.

ME: That's it?

MIKE: No. You wanna know something horrible?


MIKE: It's Sunday and the bagel place is closed.

Picture 9


(Glad it's Monday and everyone seems to be alive in New York.)


Due to the hurricane and an internet outage in my hotel room yesterday, the results of the Baby Celebrity Lookalikes Contest will be announced on Friday instead of today. The winner of the Vonage Time to Call iPad Giveaway will be announced tomorrow.

Picture credits go to ABC News and NY Daily News.