If you saw me on Anderson Cooper Live, then you are the only one, because all anyone else saw was a head of hair typing on a computer. Was it Cousin It? Captain Caveman? Nope, it was "Ilana Wiles, Live-Blogger-of-the-Day".

I call it "The Hair Curtain" and it has burned me before…


Although, as you can see above, my boobs did make an appearance (as promised) and there was no sign of milk leakage whatsoever.

For that, I must give a huge thanks to BAMBOOBIES, my new nursing pad of choice, who totally saved me from televised humiliation (like that time I fell down while taping Good Morning America).

Despite my hair and my boobs getting limited camera time, I did get the royal treatment (car service, make-up, breakfast pastries), plus the awesome parting gift of the photo with Anderson up top. We shook hands, we smiled, we took a picture— he's practically my boyfriend.

To make it even sweeter, Anderson Cooper Live has my picture and bio up on their homepage— click here to read it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 9.13.27 AM

You can also read about my full experience as well as a bunch of my live tweets over on Babble today.

Here's a small sampling so you know what you are in for…




Overall, it was a great experience. And a perfect excuse to spend a few hours away from the kids. When I got home, Mazzy was super excited to see me on television.

Nothing like impressing your three-year-old.

Look, Mazzy— Mommy's a STAR!



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