My last recap was about a month ago, so I've got a lot to cover, but before I do, I want to point out the picture up top. That was Mazzy when I came home after leaving her with Mike for four days to go to Mom 2.0. Notice how she is coordinated, wearing a barrette in her hair, and very much ALIVE. Well done, dear husband, well done.

Next, I would like everyone to give a quick glance to my right sidebar and see that, thanks to a lot of you guys, I have broken 1000 facebook fans. Just so we all glean the importance of this, I am now on par with celebrity in the likes of second dead guy from the right on CSI: Miami and Jabbar's friend with the glasses on Parenthood. Exciting, right?!

What else happened in the month I learned that matzah is really messy when given to a baby?

• Mazzy and I stalked Padma Lakshimi

• We determined diaper jeans are made for baby nevernudes

I smoked a dollhouse with Woody Harrelson

• Mazzy starred in a comic strip called "Zoo Dectective"

• I discovered my mom murdered my hamsters

• We shared breadless arugula sandwiches with Nicole Richie

I called the cops on my baby

• I gave my sister the gift of hating her dog for her birthday

• We showcased our children in all their winter misery

Corporate America won

• Elmo, Dorothy and Mr. Nooodle paid us an unwelcome visit

• My mom nearly cut my lady parts with a pair of scissors

• Dr. B dealt with picky eaters, scaredy cats and very curious five-year-olds

• And— I punched one or two babies in the face (sorry about that)

I also held my first video caption contest, I guest posted about being a conference newbie over at A Kludgy Mom, and Lori from Your Child Talking gave us tips to get our toddlers talking.

Lastly, I'm announcing the winner of my Wee Gallery giveaway on Monday, so if you haven't already entered, you can do so here.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh! Hope everyone finds their Easter eggs and afikomens with ease.

Thanks to you all for sticking with me and spread the word!

— Mommy Shorts