Last week, I held an $100 giveaway in which I made everyone share their thoughts on Huggies Diaper Jeans. Rather than just select a winner and call it a day, I thought all of your comments deserved some attention.

In case Huggies is reading this, please note that the following opinions are not mine, but the collective opinions of my readers. If you would like to pay me for my very informative focus group of 118 moms and use it in your decision of whether to re-release diaper jeans this summer, you are more than welcome. Make checks payable to Mommy Shorts.

First, here's the final tally:

Diaper Jeans

Next I broke the responses down into the following sub-categories:


The above findings show that not only are the large majority of respondents Anti-Diaper-Jeans, but the anti-camp is much more passionate in their dislike than the pro-camp is in their love. In fact, of all the pro-comments, there were only two that I would classify in the "love" category. Most pro-diaper jeans comments were wishy-washy and apologetic. Whereas, the "hate" ran deep. As evidence, check out the quotes below:

Quotes from Team Diaper Jeans:

Julie: "I kind of like the diaper jeans. It looks a bit less gross somehow than a big nasty white diaper sticking out."

Evelyn: "They're fine".

Jess: "While diaper jeans are a little weird, if someone gave me some free ones, I would use them."

Diane: "It's not like diapers are the most exciting thing, so I say kudos to Huggies for giving us some variety." 

Now compare those to the quotes from Team Anti-Diaper-Jeans:

Andrea: "Diaper jeans scare me. Seriously scare me."

Anna O: "Daisy Dukes for babies. I think I just threw up a little."

Erin Day: "Diaper jeans are the ugliest, tackiest things I've seen. I don't think I'd take them if someone gave them to me, let alone pay good money for them."

Angela S: "They have the tang of acid wash to them. Did we learn NOTHING from the eighties? Acid washed jeans are the work of the devil."

Alison C: "How does one convey a shudder in a blog comment? Because that is how I feel about diaper jeans. They make me want to crawl in a corner and gouge my eyes out."

Pretty telling. Which got me thinking— if even the people who think diaper jeans are "kind of cute" have trouble rationalizing spending the extra money on them, who exactly is buying them? To find the answer, I delved further into my findings…

Again, these results are based on reader research and do not reflect the thoughts and opinons of Mommy Shorts. As support for the above pie chart, I offer up the following quotes from both camps:

Jessica: "I'm not a fan of diaper jeans although my MIL bought some for my son and we did have a good laugh. He looked like a never nude."

Carrie: "Diaper Jeans are scary BUT those commercials. My son was obsessed with them. He made me watch that commercial like 9,000 times. So, yes, yes, yes, I like those diapers."

LindsayTodd: "So I guess since kids are doing it, we can just go around without pants too, right? Oh so underwear is OVERwear now? Lord help us."

Rachel: "R E D N E C K!!!! There should be a dirty faced little kid playing in an overgrown lot with his dog and some abandoned cars in the ad campaign."

Regardless of people's rather extreme opinions, there was one finding that was consistent in both camps— People love the commercial. So in fairness to Huggies, I thought it would be best to end my very unfavorable focus group with their hilariously well-done ad for (whether you're a fan or not) an inarguably creative idea.  



Oh crap! In all the excitement, I almost forgot to tell you the winner. Congratulations to Christina Z! Who, if you're curious, is a member of Team Hellz Nay and will most likely NOT be using her $100 towards those acid-washed redneck Daisy Dukes for babies.

Christina Z— email me at to claim your prize.

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