Two weeks ago, I did a giveaway for a Wee Gallery rubber stamp set in which I asked, "If your kid was able to get the tattoo of his/her choice tomorrow, what would it be?" The winner of the giveaway (chosen at random) was Sarah Wiley Joyce who answered:

"My son is 3 months old and he'd get one of those bad ass knuckle tattoos. When in fists, they'd read: S-U-C-K O-N M-E."

Congratulations, Sarah, you are not only the proud owner of a Wee Gallery Rubber Stamp Set, but I also doctored the photo above just for you (original photo source here).

I was going to doctor up some of the other responses as well but it turns out— there is NO NEED. For pretty much every ridiculous baby tattoo you all imagined, there is a substantially more moronic adult person who has already gotten that hideous tattoo for real.

Allow me to demonstrate by matching your responses with actual tattoos.

Robyn: "Milo would have to choose between Lightning McQueen & Tow Mater."


(photo source)

Zoila: "My 16 month old daughter would get the words "daddy's girl" on one arm and the likeness of her sippy cup on the other." (Editor's Note: I couldn't find the sippy cup but I think the awesome typo more than makes up for it.)


(photo source)

Sara: "She would pick Hello Kitty."

Hello Kitty Jesus Tattoo

(photo source)

Tina Reynolds: "It would be some kind of scary dinosaur."

Dino tattoo

(photo source)

Pam: "Ella would get a big hunk of cheese."


(photo source)

Joann: "Buzz Lightyear. Riding a rocket and shooting bullets."


(photo source)

Jessica Anne: "I think I would have a Disney Princess bonanza on my hands."


(photo source)

Momx2: "I just decided to ask her…. she wants a reindeer."


(photo source)

Shannon Baas: "Dora."


Susan Smoaks: "Our son would want a Spongebob tat."


Jessica: "If my 7 yo could get a tattoo right now it would probably be a cupcake."


Craig: "His most powerful pokemon card characters."
Ali Reindel: "Curious George eating chocolate pudding while sitting astride a blue express train as it crosses a bridge."


Editor's Note: Caption under the sourced photo says that this is just the beginning of a Curious George sleeve. I see he's already got the pudding and I'm sure a train and a bridge are finishing up the scabbing process as I write this.

Mommylisa: "My daughter would TOTALLY get a Tinkerbell tattoo just like her 65 year old Lutheran Pre-School Principal got for her 63rd birthday."


Sumi: "My 2 year old would get a picture of Mickey Mouse!! The current love of her life!"


amy_cass: "Both my boys would likely get tattoos of lightsabers."


Emily: "I would like to think it would be "I Love Mommy" but more then likely it would be "I Love Noggin" because that is what is raising him."


Amanda: "Probably FREE TICKETS on his bi-ceps."

Picture 11

Viva: "Legos!"


(photo source)

And lastly, nobody mentioned it, but could there be a bigger possible mistake on this earth than the tattoo below?


(photo source)