Keri brought this video to my attention yesterday on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. And I wondered… is it possible to have a caption contest for a video? Let's give it a shot.

What are the twin boys below arguing about? Is one accusing the other of sock theft? Or denying him admittance into the freezer? Or perhaps they're reenacting a scene from Curb Your Enthusiam. That's Susie Essman on the left, obviously.

Watch the video and give your best guess in the comment section below.


Amanda, our current caption contest queen, will be the judge.  Winner will be announced on Friday and they will not only win the honor of judging the next caption contest, they will also be the proud owner of two new twin boys! I have to check with their parents first, but they look like a handful so I'm guessing I can get her to give away at least one of them.

Good luck!

UPDATE: I must say, you guys brought your "A" game to this video caption contest. Granted, it didn't turn out to be that unique of an idea. There are now videos with subtitles circulating all over the place. The funniest I've seen was brought to my attention by Jenny and it's called "Twin Babies Talk About the Bronx Zoo Cobra" on Buzzfeed.

I thought you guys were equally as funny. I'm not going to repost every good response, you can read them all in the comment section below. Here are brief synopsises of my favorites…

KLP thought they were debating the acting chops of Robert DeNiro vs. Al Pacino.

Suburan Snaps thought they were arguing over the merits of the new Karate Kid franchise vs. the original.

Windycitygigi thought they were discussing diaper jeans. (Gotta love a shout-out to a previous post.)

PJBDC thought they were arguing over their restaurant theme on Toddler Top Chef.

And Nic from My Bottles Up went all meta on us and claimed they were making fun of Matt and Meredith for showing their video on The Today Show.

Since there were so many amazing entries, I decided to award two runner-ups in addition to the winner.

Second runner-up goes to New Mom On The Blog with a scene I call— "Juice Box Intervention".

First runner-up goes to Heidi from Madame Paradox with her Monty Python/Shakespearean manuscript which inludes phrases like— "Only a rapscallion would care not for the sock of humanity" and “Speak not sir whilst I flay you with a fudgesicle!”

But there can only be one Caption Contest Queen and that honor was awarded by Amanda, winner of the last caption contest. Amanda crowned Dana from Feast After Famine. No description can possibly do Dana's entry justice. You are just going to have to scroll down and read it for yourself.

Congratulations, Dana! Feel free to wear the crown below proudly on your blog. But there is no obligation. After all, who am I to demand anything of the Queen? (Get ready to judge the next one!)