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First things first, The Mommy Show is now available internationally! If you need to get caught up, watch Taye Diggs touch my toilet, Rachel Dratch collapse my stroller, and Jackie Martling put together my breast pump.

Ok— everyone on the same page now? YAY!!!

This week, I interview Romilly Newman. I know what you’re thinking, “Who the hell is Romilly Newman? I thought this was a show about interviewing celebrities??!!”

I thought the same thing.

But then I checked my diva attitude at the door, because the girl is a 15-year-old gourmet chef and the youngest contestant ever on Chopped and if any of us had that kind of credentials at fifteen, please raise your hand now.

I thought so. That shit is IMPRESSIVE.

Also, when all was said and done, Romilly’s episode became one of my favorites. It’s the first episode where I seem like I am running the show as opposed to letting the celebrity do all the work. Turns out I can be quick witted and off-the-cuff when I am not intimidated by my guest.

Lesson learned.

From now on, I will just imagine all my guests are 15-year-old girls.

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In this episode, Romilly cooks, does my dishes and babysits my kids. She was a great sport and was even able to quickly change plans from cooking gourmet toddler snacks to pureeing baby food, when Mazzy suddenly fell asleep right before the cooking segment.



To help me promote The Mommy Show, I asked a bunch of my blogger friends to write a post about which celebrity they would most like to have on their couch. (I would have gone with Ryan Gosling or John Hamm myself, but I guess most of my friends don’t think with their vaginas.)

Here’s who everyone chose:

Ellen and Erin from “Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms” take a shower while Martha Stewart repaints their front door.

Robin from “Hollow Tree Ventures” plays Candy Crush while Oprah sits on her cat.

Lydia from “Rants from Mommyland” discusses rage issues with The Incredible Hulk.

Janel from “Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of” pets Amy Poehler’s hair while pretending to be her new best friend.

Susan from “Divine Secrets of the Domestic Diva” vacuums with Jimmy Fallon.

Nicole from “Ninja Mom” entertains Matt Damon with the Rainbow Loom.

Kim from “Let Me Start by Saying” challenges Eminem to rap about “SpongeBob”.

Anna from “My Life and Kids” makes Tori Spelling dig through her couch cushions for snacks.

Meredith from “The Mom of the Year” drinks wine while Mindy Kaling reads aloud from her book.

Alicia from “Naps Happen” takes a nap with Morty and Lee from the Swiffer commercials.

Tara from “You Know it Happens at Your House Too” yells at Johnny Depp for using too much laundry detergent.

Stepanie from “Binkies & Briefcases” dumpster dives with Kristin Bell.

Rebecca from “Frugalista Blog” drinks tea with Daniel Craig while asking him questions about full frontal nudity.

Paige Kellerman makes Gwyneth Paltrow rearrange her furniture.

Andrea from “The Underachieving Domestic Goddess” does Ouzo shots with Tina Fey.

Kathy from “Kissing the Frog” makes Phineas and Ferb babysit.

Courtney from Our Small Moments relaxes while the Jolie-Pitts did all the talking.

Kelley from “Kelley’s Break Room” won’t let Will Farrell in unless he plays the cowbell.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and helping me promote the show!

Now, who knows Neil Patrick Harris so we can talk him into coming over? I think he’d be the perfect person to help me reorganize my refrigerator.