Giveaway: Wee Gallery Stamp Set & Drawing Pads

Picture 32

On Tuesday mornings, Mazzy goes to a gym class where she runs around like a mental patient newly released from an asylum for about an hour. Maybe MAYBE she hangs on a parallel bar for half a second. I burn more calories chasing after her in that class than I do on one of my rarer and rarer excursions to the gym. (I'm going today— I swear!)

But at the end of the class, something happens that grinds all the kids to a halt. Previously, I thought the only thing that could possibly command such immediate attention from a roomful of one-year-olds would be Elmo arriving to give out juice pops and iPhones. But no— it's just the teacher with a plastic baggie full of rubber stamps. All the kids, Mazzy included, diligently run to the middle of the mat where they sit quietly in a circle and wait for the teacher to stamp animal shapes on the tops of their feet.

Then, for the rest of the day, Mazzy will continually rediscover her temporary tattoos and plop down on the floor to admire them.

Uh-oh. Does this mean I am in for an early tattoo phase? Is there an age of consent? I don't think I could handle Mazzy coming home with a tattoo of a pacifier, the Hideous Doll Sisters and a basket of cherry tomatoes adorned on her back. (Those are three of her current obsessions, in case that wasn't clear.) Maybe "MOM" in a heart would be acceptable…

Picture 36 But I'm off topic.

What I'm trying to lead up to is a lovely giveaway from my new advertiser— Wee Gallery (see their pretty ad on my right sidebar?) Please check out their site— it's the brainchild of a teacher and a graphic designer (Dave and Surya, a husband and wife team) who aim to create beautiful art that is also visually stimulating for babies as they grow. They design everything from mobiles to nursery wall decals in their signature graphic style and it's all fantastic to look at. I (probably because I had Mazzy's feet on the brain) fell in love with their stamp sets. (See! I knew this would all relate somehow.)

There are three different sets— a safari set (pictured above), a garden set and a dinosaur set (winner gets their choice). Each comes in a wooden box with 3 ink pads (non toxic and washable) and 6 stamps to create your own scene. For instance, the safari set includes a lion, a giraffe, a zebra, a tree, some grass and the sun.

They are also throwing in a set of three wee drawing pads (pictured above left) so you can make your best effort to keep the stamping on paper (good luck!), for a total value of $42.


To enter, as always, you must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan (if you are not one already, you can easily become one by clicking "like" on my right sidebar or by clicking here) and you must answer the following question:

If your kid got the tattoo of his/her choice tomorrow, what would it be? (i.e., Dora the Explorer, Annie's Cheddar Bunny Crackers, Pamela Anderson topless, etc. etc.)

In addition to the Wee Gallery site (which you're gonna check out, right?), you can also follow Wee Gallery on facebook and twitter.