Editor's Note: The original title was "At What Point Do We Start Punching Laughing Babies In The Face?" but I thought that a bit harsh and reconsidered. Plus, I've got a whole bunch of Mazzy videos to post next week.

So. Here's the latest laughing baby hoping to go viral. Her name's Molly, she's ten months old and she's got a dog named Benny. Molly's mom blows bubbles, Benny eats them, and then Molly OBVIOUSLY thinks this is hilarious.

In the world of shared content, it would APPEAR that this video has all the magical elements to turn water into Chocolate Rain and Indonesian babies into future throat cancer patients.

But you know what? I DON'T THINK SO. Below is a look so we all know what we're dealing with.


Adorable, right? But here's my thinking. Isn't this all getting a little old? Kinda like the third American Pie or the fortieth time Lindsay Lohan entered rehab? Also— can Kate Hudson stop making rom-coms about weddings already???

I think I may be getting *GASP* just a wee bit sick of laughing babies.

And as the mom of a 16 month old, I have to say, it really sucks that on the rare occasion that MY baby actually laughs, all I can think is— "Oh GOD, you're such a wannabe."

The problem is not funny baby videos themselves. (Nose Blowing Baby was brilliant in my opinion and every man, woman and child on this earth should have the honor of viewing it). The problem is the various news outlets coverage of said funny baby videos.

Did you know that at just over 1,000 measly hits, ABC News has already covered the MASSIVE EVENT that is "Baby Laughs At Dog Blowing Bubbles"? When the news covered Paper Ripping Baby, at the very least, that video had already gone viral so that was their angle. And the Talking Twins video was covered under the guise of "language development". But Laughing At Dog Eating Bubbles Baby? She was just covered in the hopes that the news will catch a viral video before it starts.

That's just stupid.

If someone who writes a blog about funny baby stuff (me) is getting annoyed at funny baby video coverage, then I think we've officially got a problem.

So I don't think Laughing at Dog Eating Bubbles Baby is going to make it. Nope, I'm calling a Laughing Baby Backlash. I think Laughing Baby has to go away for a bit— maybe a retreat in Thailand. Find his/her center, do a cleanse, and then come back renewed and funnier than ever.

And then maybe the networks can leave fluff like funny baby videos to people like me and concentrate on real news. God knows there is plenty of that these days.

Just to bring home my point, check out ABC's coverage of Molly— it's complete with forced laughter, meaningless banter and one hugh SIGH from Walter Cronkite as he rolls over in his grave.


Now, tell me— am I crazy? Or does anyone else think that the news should leave the stupid baby stuff to the professionals (like myself)?