Giveaway: Customized Sweater from MJK Knits


When it comes to picking clothes for Mazzy, I tend to go the Baby Gap and Old Navy route. It's easy and convenient and the clothes are pretty cute. The only drawback is that nine out of ten kids on the playground will probably be wearing the same outfit as yours. This not only makes them harder to keep track of, but it's not going to score your baby any budding fashionista points.

Which was totally fine with me up until a week ago.

Krishna+Lakshmi+Padma+Lakshmi+Daughter+Krishna+sVONI7BZirzl Lask weekend, while at the playground, I had the mother of all celebrity sightings. I'm talking, actual mother— Padma Lakshmi. Apparently she lives in the neighborhood and frequents the same playground at the same time as I do with her baby Krishna.

So, now, OBVIOUSLY, I have a new mom friend goal. Yes, it's a high bar but what I really want to do is make finding mom friends more challenging because I have discovered that I am really good at it (not true).

I think this goal is attainable based on the following facts:

1) Our kids are a month apart.

2) Our kids are both girls.

3) We live within walking distance (I assume).

4) Mazzy is incredibly cute and charming.

5) I come off as somewhat normal when you don't take into account the whole blogging and stalking thing.

6) We have many things in common (I watch Top Chef, she's on Top Chef, etc.)

The only thing standing in the way of Mazzy and Krishna becoming fast friends is potentially my baby's lackluster wardrobe. Since Padma is the only person on earth who can rock a one-shouldered belted pantsuit unitard, I have to imagine that Krishna's got game too. So in order to make this mom friendship happen, I'm gonna need Mazzy to step it up a notch.

Enter Missy Karetsky, a fellow NYC mom who knows a thing or two about children's fashion. When Missy's kids were little, she was often stopped by other stylish moms demanding to know where she got their clothes. Apparently, her brand of cool and classic prep seemed to be a coveted look amongst the toddler set. So Missy took her good taste and her desire for unique high quality kid's clothes and started her own line— MJK Knits.


MJK Knits creates classically unique items by taking something standard like a monogrammed sweater and making it completely personalized. You can use your kid's first intial, a monogram or their entire name and then select any colors from the chart below for whatever combination you can imagine. You can even get creative by making your base striped.

Picture 20

I chose the bold and colorful combo of fuschia and bright yellow. "M" is for Mazzy. Or Munchkin. Or Mise En Place (that's Top Chef/foodie lingo if you were unaware). The sweater is adorable and since spring is approaching, I got her a size 2T so it will still fit next year. As you can see from the photo below, Mazzy now looks ready to make some celebrity friends in the park.


To add to the specialness of MJK Knits— you cannot buy them anywhere online. You can only find them at a little New York City children's boutique uptown called Lemonade (1038 Lex. Ave. at 74th St., 212-585-4371).

But you, my friends, have the opportunity to win an original MJK Knits customized sweater just for being a fan of Mommy Shorts.

Simply answer one (or both) of the following questions in the comment section below:

1) What color combination do you think would make your child even more adorable than they are already?

2) Who would be your ideal celebrity mom friend?

GIVEAWAY RULES: You must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan to enter (become one by clicking like in the facebook widget on my right sidebar or by clicking here). You also must think Mazzy is adorable. In case you are on the fence about that last one, here's another picture of Mazzy modeling her sweater.


Winner will be announced next Friday, April 8th. By then, Padma and I should be sipping afternoon cocktails while Tom Colicchio is entertaining the kids and Ricard Blais is hard at work in the kitchen preparing snacks.

Good luck!