When I started Baby Suiting over a month ago, I half-jokingly predicted it would wind up on Jimmy Kimmel. I was wrong. It wound up on Ellen.

Is daytime television as impressive as late night?

I don't care. Baby Suiting has HAPPENED, just like I promised it would.

Ellen named it her very first "Meme of the Week" so I can put that on my resume forever and ever. FYI- At this point, my resume is probably the strangest resume you have ever seen. "I have no organizational skills but I can mug babies like nobody's business!" Don't you want to hire me?

Here's the clip:

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For those of you who noticed that Ellen forgot to credit me and made a stink on her facebook page about it, I love you. I love Ellen too and will forgive her for this oversight. Just like I forgave Al Roker for calling me "Mommy Pants". Now, we hang out all the time, sipping iced tea and playing scrabble. 

You know who else mentioned Baby Suiting on her show? Rachael Ray. I can't embed the video on my site but if you click over, you will hear Rachael say "Ilana Wiles from MommyShorts.com" right at the top of the segment. She pronounces it correctly and everything. Was that so hard?

Lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, Instagram featured Baby Suiting on their Instagram feed. I know, it's very meta. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.01.03 AM

As of today, it has 616K likes which is big even for Instagram. I went through their feed and the only thing I found that has more likes was a polar bear swimming underwater, which you know, who the hell can beat a polar bear swimming underwater?

That's gonna be my new measure of viral potential.

Yeah, it's likeable, but it's no polar bear swimming underwater.

By the way, between the Instagram feature and being named "Best on Instagram" in Parents Magazine this month, my Instagram following has jumped 20K in the past week. I am now at 53K which is a lot of pressure to post a good looking lunch. 

What else happened in April besides Rachael Ray becoming my new favorite daytime talk show host?

Harlow walked down the stairs like a grown-up

• Mazzy disappeared into a Frozen vortex

• Mike and I abandoned our babies for the beaches of Hawaii

• My site went down for five days and the world continued without me

• We found out there is nothing funnier than kids crying


• Harlow developed an attachment to a king size blanket

• Mazzy wowed us (me) with her artwork

• Grammy spoiled the kids rotten

• I took Mazzy out for ice cream

• Allstate agreed to sponsor my "Monday Mornings" series

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.18.39 AMBy the way, I'd like to give a shout-out to Well Rounded NY, the site that did the original profile of me and my morning. Well Rounded NY is an amazingly designed site that focuses on moms-to-be in the city, written by my friends, Jessica and Kaity. If it wasn't for them blowing me away with the pictures they took for my profile, this whole thing never would have happened.

• I announced the winners of the Healthy Mama Headlines contest


I started giving out cameras with Olympus to moms taking selfies with their kids. If you check out the hashtag #rewardyourselfie on Instagram, it's the most joyus thing you've ever seen. We gave out our first camera yesterday and we will be giving out 14 more in the next two weeks.

Here's the first winner:

• I gave you Mother's Day Gift ideas, so you can start dropping hints to your loved ones (ahem, MIKE). You can still enter the giveaway for a grand prize package worth over $1000. 


You may have noticed that there is some crazy advertising happening on my sidebars. I didn't opt in to anything new, it's the same ad network I've been using for awhile and I guess this is a new thing they are doing. So tell me—is it massively distracting or is it ok? Should I tell them to cool it? Sometimes I think it's fine and then sometimes it's Vanilla Ice selling Mac n Cheese and it makes me nervous. Honest opinions are appreciated. I have no idea if they are making me more money or not, but I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!

Right now, I'm at a blogging conference called Mom 2.0 in Atlanta. This is the conversation that happened before I left.

ME: Mazzy, I'm going away for work for a few days so you'll be staying home with Daddy. 

MAZZY: YAY!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has as great of a weekend as Mazzy will have without me.

See you on Monday!

— Mommy Shorts