Giveaway: Fifteen Olympus TG-850 Cameras


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I take tons of pictures of my kids. (Don't we all?) It's pretty much a steady stream of Mazzy, Harlow, Mazzy, Harlow, Mazzy, Mazzy, Harlow, Mazzy and Harlow together. Every once in awhile you get Mike and Harlow, my lunch, Mike and Mazzy, a cityscape, and my lunch again.

Rarely do you see photos of me. They appear every forty or fifty shots like catching a glimpse of a rainbow unicorn in a dense forest. Maybe "rainbow unicorn" is giving me way too much credit. What's something in a forest that isn't often seen but slightly less magical…?


I'm like Big Foot in a forest.

Although, I'm seen sometimes so maybe it has to be something that is rare but not quite so make-believe….

Like a… black squirrel?

Okay. This analogy is falling off a cliff.

Point being— I am not in a lot of my own photos. Even fewer with my kids.

I just went back and checked my Instagram feed and I found three pictures of myself with my kids since January. That's three out of 248 photos total. Yes, I counted. One picture is from The Mommy Show and includes Sherri Shepherd, so I'm not even sure that one counts.

In the few photos where I make an appearance, I was lucky enough to have somebody besides my husband around to take it. Why can't my husband take a decent photo of me??? If he did, then maybe one day when my girls look back at the extreme documentation of their lives, they won't say— "Where were you, Mommy?"

"I hired a professional documentarian to follow you guys around while I was off getting facials at a day spa."



Sad face.

I have to believe that when I look back at the photos of this time in my life, I'll want to see a few pics where I'm included. So I can think to myself— you know what, self? You looked pretty happy back then.

In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to encourage moms to take photos of themselves with their kids. Like a #selfie— except with kids included, so maybe we should call it a #melfie? No, that doesn't sound right. A #mommagram? Even worse…

In any case, they should look like this:


FYI— I bribed Mazzy with a Hershey kiss to take these photos.

How am I going to get everybody on board with my Mother's Day agenda? Don't you worry. I've got some awesome motivation in store. I'm calling it "Reward Your Selfie". Pretty catchy, I think.

Whenever I do sponsored posts, more often than not, I want the brand I'm working with to give something worthwhile to my readers. This month, I've outdone myself. I'm partnering with Olympus to give away fifteen cameras (yes, FIFTEEN CAMERAS!) to moms who post selfies with their kids under the #rewardyourselfie hashtag on Instagram.

Olympus and I are going to randomly select ONE MOM EVERY DAY between May 1st and May 15th to award an Olympus TG-850. That's the same indestructible camera I'm giving away as part of my Mother's Day Gift Guide Giveaway.


The Olympus TG-850 is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and freeze proof. They probably made it for people who want to take pictures while doing extreme sports in extreme weather conditions, but I think it sounds perfect for moms with little kids. You know, just in case your little devil takes your new camera for a dip in the toilet and then throws it in the freezer— it happens more often than you would think.

It also has pro-quality video and a 180 degree flip LCD, which will give you much better quality than those iPhone videos you've (I've) been taking.

I've been an iPhone devotee for quite some time and I'm really excited to try out my new Olympus to see the difference a real camera makes. I'm getting to the point where I want to blow up some of my pictures and hang them up— and the quality of an iPhone photo doesn't always hold up when you remove it from the confines of your tiny little phone.

To be eligible to win, all you've got to do is upload a selfie of you with your kids to the #rewardyourselfie hashtag on Instagram, tagging and following both @mommyshorts and @getolympus. You can post a photo once a day and only new photos will be considered. Do not hashtag old photos. If you'd like to use an old photo, you are more than welcome to repost it to your feed. For all the official rules and regulations, click here.

I can't wait to see the amazing pictures you all take!

Maybe you'll like your selfie so much, you'll have it framed for Mother's Day.

Or… maybe you'll wait to see if you win an Olympus TG-850, then take an even better photo, blow it up as large as possible, and hang it on your living room wall, so your kids will never forget that yes, their mother was indeed THERE.


This post was sponsored by Olympus, but all the thoughts, opinions, and shameless selfies are my own.