Harlow is 17 months, approaching forty, and as stubborn and finicky as ever. Want to know what she is up to lately? You are in a luck! I made a list.

1. Harlow is auditioning for the Baby Olympics.

Just like Harlow rolled over, crawled and walked super early, she's still crossing off physical milestones like she's in some kind of contest. Not only did she walk face first down a flight of stairs unassisted the other day, she also threw herself out of her crib yesterday morning.

If you are in a restaurant and Harlow throws her fork on the floor, it might be a ruse so she can climb up onto the table while you bend down to retrieve it. TRUE STORY.

Her latest feat? Stealing Mazzy's scooter. Apparently, the most advanced milestone is shunning walking altogether. (Video coming soon.)

2. Harlow is just as obsessed with Frozen as her sister.

Every time I pick up a phone or open up my laptop, Harlow screams "DOH!!!!!" "DOH!!!!!" "DOH!!!!!" For awhile, I thought "DOH" was her word for phone, but then I finally realized "DOH!!!!" is Harlow speak for "Let it GOOOOOO!!!!" My laptop and my phone being the handy devices that play her favorite song and video.

Every time the song is played, Harlow prances around the living room, spreading her arms while she "sings" in grand Elsa fashion. But that's not all. Harlow is also a big fan of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman". She starts making the clock ticking sound a full three seconds before it arrives in the song and although Harlow only speaks a few garbled words, she sings, "Okay, bye…." clear as day.

Harlow is keenly aware that Anna is the favorite in this house. Mazzy will be playing with her Frozen figurines and Harlow will want to play too. Mazzy always try to give her Hans, like Harlow won't know the difference. But Harlow is not stupid. She screams and throws Hans so dramatically to the ground, you'd think Hans was an evil prince who betrayed her best friend and tried to murder her sister. Oh wait.


3. It's a good thing Harlow is Jewish because she would get thrown out of church.

Harlow is a ball of energy and has always had a hard time sitting still. It took until recently for her to relax in my lap and let me read her a book. I keep the books short or else she gets antsy. She has very specific preferences and will only tolerate two books— "It looks like Spilt Milk" and "No Two Alike".

"It Looks Like Spilt Milk" is about clouds and every sentence is basically same— "Sometimes it looks like a rabbit, but it's not a rabbit. Sometimes it looks like an ice cream cone, but it's not an ice cream cone. Sometimes it looks like an angel, but it's not an angel…" etc.

The premise of "No Two Alike" is that everything from birds to feathers to nests to anything found in nature, is not exactly alike. "No two birds are alike. Almost, almost, but not quite."

If you notice, both books are entirely based around negative sentences— "… but it's not an ice cream cone", "…but not quite". Harlow has taken to responding to every sentence with the words "Uh-uh". She says it passionately, very closely following the line and with a definitive head shake— like she is emphatically agreeing with the sentiment. Like— "That's right! We are not alike!"

It reminds me of a congregation saying "Amen" during a sermon. Except she'd be the lone dissenter in the back questioning the whole charade.


4. Harlow calls pizza "pee-pah".

It's the cutest thing I've ever heard. That's all I have to say about that. 

5. Harlow's Boo is a king size Hello Kitty Blanket.

Last Hanukah, Grammy gave Mazzy a huge Hello Kitty blanket. We could use this blanket to cover our entire apartment building if we wanted— it's that big. It's also ridiculously soft and Harlow loves rolling around in it like a dog in a shag carpet.

Once when Harlow was having a particularly bad tantrum, I couldn't find anything that would calm her down and then thought of the blanket. I folded it into a large square, laid it on the floor and then put Harlow on top of it lying on her back. She calmed down immediately and my little ball of energy stayed there quietly for the next twenty minutes. Since then, the Hello Kitty blanket has become my go-to solution whenever Harlow is having a bad moment.

6. Harlow wants ALL THE PACIFIERS.

We got Mazzy to give up her pacifier at 18 months, but I predict Harlow is going to be a lot harder. Especially since Harlow is not content to suck on one pacifier, she wants numerous back-ups on her person at all times. Basically, if she sees a pacifier, she wants to hold it, regardless of whether she is sucking or holding other pacifiers. Typically, while at home, she is carrying three at once. One in her mouth and one in each hand. Then she sucks on one until it loses its flavor (I assume it's similar to gum) and switches to another.


7. Harlow is on a milk protest. 

Remember when I was trying to switch Harlow from a bottle to a cup? It was rough but finally, Harlow started drinking milk from a sippy. Often, she even preferred to drink straight from a grown-up cup unassisted. It was pretty impressive. Then I went away to Hawaii and not pointing fingers (GRAMMY!!!), someone let her drink milk from a bottle again. When I came back, Harlow revolted big time. She has not touched milk in two weeks and in an effort to appease the beast, we gave her a bottle full of water.

Now, she's obsessed with carrying her water bottle at all times (I think she's afraid she'll never get it back if she gives it up) and has to juggle it along with her three pacifiers. It's really tough to steal Mazzy's Anna figurine while carrying three pacifiers and a bottle, so inevitably she drops one causing her to have a massive tantrum that can only be stopped by wrapping her in an enormous Hello Kitty blanket.


Yes, she is also clutching a banana.

Please tell me this sounds like your kid.