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This past weekend, Harlow decided she was ready to walk down steps face first without holding my hand. It's important to note— she has never tried once to walk down steps while holding my hand either. She just jumped straight from shimmying down on her belly to "Let's do this thing!"

I think because she walked so early and way before we were expecting it, she never had the experience of letting us help her out by holding her up a little. So holding hands is a totally foreign concept to her. 

It's actually a little sad because every time I try to hold her hand while walking down the sidewalk, she pulls away and looks at me with confusion. "What are you doing mom? What is with this hand holding charade?"

Here's a video of her last weekend. She was determined to make it down the steps just like the grown-ups do it. She only gave me a heart attack a handful of times. Harlow, of course, was fearless and even with a stumble, remained unruffled.


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