One thing I have learned in this whole thing (first when we prepped for sheltering at home and even more so when my doctor said there is a 95% chance I have COVID-19), is that MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING IN A CRISIS.

Mike has stepped up in the best way. I think he’s actually enjoying the sole control he has over the household right now. Usually, if I’m not around to take care of the kids, like if I’m away for work or something, I don’t get to see how Mike fends for himself. Now I get to sit back and watch him be an awesome dad and husband, without ever feeling the need to step in and do it myself.

I think a lot of what’s hard about co-parenting is figuring out the balance of power and responsibilities. He might make dinner and I might put the kids to bed but there’s also some resentment in accepting what we can and can’t help each other with. Or the differences between what each of us are willing to let slide.

Since I’ve been isolated in the guest room, we have coffee every morning together from his spot on the cushion down the hall. He comes by during the day to talk and update me. We’ve had better and deeper conversations than we’ve had in years.

At the beginning of this, I joked about how there would either be high birth rates or high divorce rates at the end. I think for Mike and I, so far, this time has been good for us. When we got married, I called Mike my rock. That never felt more true than right now.

He also looks very cute in his pajamas.