Mazzy started drawing faces and figures pretty early for her age, but then spent the entire past year in what I call her "Pink Period", in which every piece of art work she brought home from school was a piece of paper covered from top to bottom in pink.

No white space whatsoever.

I shudder to think what her work space must look like with that much coverage. Like a bottle of Pepto Bismol threw up a pound of cotton candy.

Mazzy's "Pink Period" was a bold yet unimpressive choice, especially for a NYC parent shelling out so much cash for preschool, so I am very pleased to finally see eyes and mouths in her drawings again.

Up top is a picture she made tonight. Not for me, FOR HER. She was very clear about that.

So let's playβ€” which princesses are these? 

If you've got a four-year-old of your own and have become as familiar with the princess line-up as I have, I think you can figure out.

SHOCKING CLUE: They DO NOT live in Arendelle. Mazzy is really stretching herself artistically with this one.