Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks and whether you are a dad lurking on a mom blog looking for gift ideas (Wow! A man on Mommy Shorts!), a child looking for gifts for your mother (that should be almost everyone, right?), or a mom looking for gifts for herself (you deserve it, damnit!), I've got some ideas for you.

Below are 48 gift ideas (some sponsored, some not), and a HUGE GIVEAWAY at the end. I'm giving away everything from a Keurig brewer to a Lily Jade bag to an Olympus camera in one big grand prize, so this is NO JOKE. Someone out there (it could be you!) will be my biggest giveaway winner of all time.

Plus, look out for special Mommy Shorts promo codes to get some of these gifts at a discount.


We all know how it is. Your baby starts crying and your toddler pulls off your covers, forcing you to wake up against your will. There is breakfast to be made. Dirty diapers to change. Hair to untangle. The only way I can get through my mornings is with coffee. The easiest way to brew a quick cup in a fully exhausted state is popping a pod into a Keurig. With their MINI Plus Brewer in thirteen pretty new colors— it makes the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Even more perfect? Pairing that Keurig with a Mommy Shorts mug. Then drink up and partake in a little baby mugging. Other great gift pairings are a crocheted Mom sleeve for your to-go cup, or a Pantone creamer and sugar bowl to match your brightly colored new brewer.

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If you’re heading back to the office after maternity leave, you should drop some serious hints to get the amazing Lily Jade Caroline Bag (currently on sale)— a gorgeous leather bag large enough for your laptop that masquerades as a diaper bag on the weekend. It's got a canvas bag with numerous pockets to organize all your baby essentials that you can easily remove when leaving the baby at home.

Other great options for working moms are commute-friendly Tieks (a pair of flats that bend and squash to fit into your purse), Square Hue (a monthly nail polish subscription box), and a stylish wood watch from Jord to keep you on your pumping schedule.


Mike bought me the 14K gold Helen Ficora necklace (top left) for my push present when I was pregnant with Mazzy. It had a single charm that said "love" on it. Then he bought the "M" charm (for Mazzy) on my first Mother's Day and added the "H" on the Mother's Day after Harlow was born. See? It's not just a Mother's Day Gift for this year, it's an easy out for the next three!

Other great personalized pieces (aka Mom Jewelry) are stackable rings embossed with your kid’s names, a necklace stamped with your child’s artwork, or a gold birch cuff engraved with your kid’s initials.

All sentimental, but definitely not homemade.


I bet you didn't know you wanted a Xyron Creative Station, but trust me you do. It's the secret to creating some pretty impressive crafting projects— really easily. Not only can the Xyron help you create stickers, labels, photo magnets, and laminated recipe cards… you can also make an old sticker sticky again. If your daughter is anything like mine, this will make you feel like a superhero. For an option you can stick in your drawer, try Xyron's popular X-shaped 1.5" Create-A-Sticker.

Other great gifts for creative moms are the Carve-a-Stamp kit, a vintage box of rubber alphabet stamps and a Learn to Knit Kit from Purl Soho.


For anyone who has ordered flowers online, you know the selection can be a little sparse and you rarely get what you were expecting. The Bouqs Company is a great new service that delivers quality flowers (read: they won’t die after two days) with bouquets that arrive in a bunch, minus the cheesy arrangement. 

This gives gift-givers the opportunity to get creative and pair flowers with a new vase that says you really know your mom's/wife's/girlfriend's style— colorful, whimsical, modern, or understated

Special Offer: Use code "MOMMYSHORTS" to get 15% off your order and free shipping on


If a box of chocolates sounds way too expected, don't worry— I found just the gift for you. It's this awesomely dangerous subscription service called Cookies Every Night that sends you at least 30 delicious cookies a month (excuse me while I salivate).

If you are buying a gift for a mom who is ambitious enough to make their own sweets, try this super fun baking stencil, some fancy gold cupcake cups or a hot pink mini pie maker (who knew you could live without one of those?).  


Most moms take a million pictures of their kids and rarely make an appearance in their own photos. That's sad, because when those kids look back at their photos years later, it will seem like mom wasn't even there. 

Enter the Pocket Xshot  (aka the selfie stick) which makes it super easy to get the whole family in your shot without messing around with a timer. You can pull back far enough to get a little background in your photo (look! it's us in front of the Grand Canyon!) instead of a regular selfie which just gives you a close-up of everybody's nostrils. Plus, it collaspes easily in your purse.

If you want to pair the XShot with something fun for the photo-obsessed mom, I recommend a Casetagram phone cover, a gift certificate to Dry Bar (might as well look fantastic in your selfie) and a pretty Chevron frame to display your photo after it's complete. 

Special Offer: Use coupon code "MSXSHOT" for free shipping and a free universal phone holder with the purchase of any XShot Camera Extender.


What's that? You want a high quality camera to go with your selfie stick? Because you're tired of your fuzzy iPhone photos? For moms of toddlers, I recommend the practically indestructible Olympus TG-850.

How do I know it's tough? It says “tough” right there on the actual camera. The Olympus TG-850 is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and freeze proof. You know, just in case your little devil takes your new camera for a dip in the toilet and then throws it in the freezer (hey, it happens). It also has pro-quality video and a 180 degree flip LCD.

Looking for other indestructible items because you feel like moms can't have nice things? Try a teething necklace by Chewbeads, a Case Logic camera case and an iBallz shock absorbing iPad holder.


Take it from a mom of two— a perfect mother's day gift is some quality alone time at the spa (aka my bathtub, sans children). Aqua Spa Bath & Body products help you forget about your screaming children while also looking a lot prettier in your bathroom than a tube of Elmo toothpaste. Their bath salts promise to “revitalize tired muscles" with a "gently foaming, restorative bath soak salt treatment”. That sounds much better than a half-assed massage from my husband.

To continue the at-home-spa theme, try a bath caddy to hold Mom's glass of wine, a Chill Pill candle for a little aromatherapy action, and a book written by a bunch of my blogging friends called "I Just Want to Be Alone".

Special Offer: Mommy Shorts readers get $1 off any Aqua Spa product. Coupon can be found here.


If the mother in your life likes to entertain, Little Miss Party fits everything you need for a small cocktail party amongst mom friends into one big box. FYI- Cocktail time is my favorite time of day. 

Little Miss Party carefully selects party products along with menu suggestions and helpful party tips. Some of the items you'll find in their special Mother's Day "Uncork and Unwind" Party in a Box include french cocktail plates, linen napkins, a Brooklyn Slate cheese board, Riedel stemware, and a three month wine subscription. 

For pricing and more details on Limited Edition boxes for Mother’s Day, email:


Last but not least, the gift that keeps on giving: your passive aggressive mother, and her passive aggressive gifts. Yes mom, I get it, I need to call you—thanks for the phone case that you said was “so funny HAHA!”. Maybe next year you should get me this pillow— I'm sure it would look fantastic in my living room. Or these slippers that “just happen to dust while you walk”. And yeah, I know Cooking for Dummies “actually has some good recipes”.

I'm guessing these gifts would also be appropriate coming from your mother-in-law. Any mother-in-laws reading? You guys are hilarious too.



I'm picking ONE WINNER to take home practically my entire gift guide. Yes, ONE WINNER. That lucky duck will take home eight different awesome prizes:

• Voucher for three monthly deliveries of an Original Bouqs size flower bouquet from their Volcano Collection

• Olympus TG-850

• "Uncork and Unwind" Mother's Day Party in a Box customized by Little Miss Party (value $350)

• Pocket XShot

• Keurig Mini Plus Brewer in color of your choice

• Lily Jade Caroline Diaper Bag

• Xyron 1.5" Sticker Maker

• Selection of Bath & Body products from Aqua Spa


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UPDATE: Congratulations to Riara! Her best gift ever (up until now, of course) was "a trip to England to stay with my grandma, from my parents, in the third grade". Happy Mother's Day, Riara! Please email to claim your prize.

The contest is now closed.