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This year, I’m ending things in grand fashion because Parents Magazine has nominated me for both Best Blog and Best Instagram in their Social Media Awards.

Now. Let’s be clear. In all the times I have been nominated for this sort of thing, I have never won once. In fact, the false hope leading up to the ultimate rejection has caused me to sit most of these vote-offs out. (Did I mention it’s a vote-off?)


It’s Parents Magazine and they narrowed each category down to the top five and the winners get a feature in their magazine and yada yada yada I really want to win this one.

But Ilana, you said that last year!

Yes, I know. It didn’t happen. Don’t rub it in.

Since it all comes down to popular vote, being nominated in both Best Blog and Best Instagram probably means I have less chance of winning either, but I am going to ask you to vote for me in both categories anyway.

Also? I am going to ask you to vote for me in both categories every day until the winners are announced on January 13th. That means even if you voted yesterday, you should click the link to vote again today.


I don’t make the rules, okay?

Don’t worry, I’ll be super subtle about asking repeatedly.

I’ll be writing my regular post and then I’ll just (vote for me! vote for me! vote for me!) sneak it into the middle where you’ll barely (vote for me!) notice it.

Also, I think I might have a real shot because the other bloggers are way too classy to (vote for me!) beg for votes. Seriously, it’s very stiff competition and I am honored to be included amongst some of my favorite bloggers and instagrammers.

The good news is, once you vote, they make it super easy to share your pick on all your social media channels. You know, just in case you’d like to tell all your family and friends to vote for me too.

Your drunk aunt with all the ferrets needs something to do with her day anyway.

If you’re like— but why do you even deserve Best Instagram or Best Blog???? Well, you can check out my instagram feed here and judge for yourself.

As for the blog, I could talk about Taye Diggs touching my toilet or Baby Mugging making it all the way to Jeopardy, but instead I’m going to write a simple list of my favorite posts from 2013.

It seems appropriate given the new year and all.

But first, did you vote yet? I’ll wait…


Now, let’s get to it, shall we?


1. A Monchichi Crapped in the Corner

2. Your Wedding Day VS. The Day Your Baby Was Born

3. The Letter I Wish My Three-Year-Old Would Give Me for Mother’s Day

4. On a Scale of One to Eternal Mortification, How Embarrassing is a Male Co-Worker Walking in on You While You’re Pumping?

5. The 12 Stages of Tearing Tinkerbell from her Plastic Packaging

6. Mazzy’s Big Debut as “Flower Girl”

7. The 10 Phases of a 10 Minute Shower With a Baby at Home

8. 10 Ways Gisele Breastfeeding Looks Different than Me Breastfeeding

9. The State of the Poop

10. Harlow’s First Year: The Movie

Thank you to everyone for hanging with me all year. Can’t wait to see you all in 2014!

I think 2014 is going to bring much sleep and bathroom privacy for all of us.

xo, Mommy Shorts