Remember that time when Taye Diggs came over and I posted a picture of him with Mazzy and everyone was like, WHAAAAA???? And then I couldn’t say what the hell was happening?

I’m allowed to say something now!


Well, not like a SHOW show. I believe they call it a WEBISODE. Except it’s not just a webisode, it’s a series of webisodes called “The Mommy Show” running on a new site called Ulive. The webisodes are just under five minutes each.

The premise is this…

I run a talk show out of my home and interview unsuspecting celebrity guests while I take care of my kids.

So, imagine you are having a conversation with a friend and your three-year-old keeps interrupting you except substitute “friend” with “Taye Diggs” and there you have it. That’s the show. Webisode. Whatever.


Okay. Before I say anything else, you should click here to watch it.


If you click that link, you’ll see links to the first four episodes of “The Mommy Show”, but I’m only going to talk about the Taye Diggs episode today.

Of course, if you like the show, I’m not going to stop you from watching all of them. Nothing would make me happier! BUT. For the purposes of this blog, I’ll be doing a “behind the scenes” look at each one, week by week. So, I won’t be saying who are in the next three episodes even though it will be very obvious to you once you are there.

FYI- level of “celebrity” varies greatly. I won’t say anything more than that.


The Taye Diggs episode was the pilot that sold the series, so it was shot back in January, about a month after Harlow was born.

I was still wearing maternity clothes.

The audio guy wanted to clip a mic on the waist of my jeans and I’m like… uhhhhh…. these are maternity jeans, the waist is practically at my throat. When they finally figured it out, I was like… ummmm… can we take it off now? Because I have to pump in the bathroom.

Also? I had never interviewed anyone before in my life and I was FREAKING OUT.

But then, as I was freaking out, I realizedβ€” that’s okay. This is a show about a mom creating a show in her apartment. Unpolished is GOOD. Take that nervous energy and make… LEMONADE FLAVORED NERVOUS ENERGY!!!

Another thing.

It is very interesting to watch yourself on camera having a conversation for the first time in your life. You realize you do funny things like purse your lips constantly and look slightly deranged in your “I’m just sitting here listening” mode. Except you are not “just sitting here listening”, you are thinking, “HOLY SHIT TAYE DIGGS IS SITTING ON MY COUCH WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON????????????”


Taye Diggs was a great sport and was there to promote his children’s book, “Chocolate Me“. Ulive is a new online network dedicated to original lifestyle videos including content from the Food Network, HGTV, and the Travel Channel.

I hope you like it.

Because there will be twelve more.

Come back after you watch it and tell me what you think!

Did you watch it yet?