YOU GUYS. How exactly am I supposed to process the fact that Baby Mugging™ was a question on Jeopardy! tonight??? Yes, that's right. I trademarked that shit months ago. How do you like me NOW?

My favorite part of the the clip is the DEAD SILENCE after Alex Trebeck's lead-in. 

Yep, nobody got it right. 

I've never known the answer to a question that nobody on Jeopardy knew the answer to before!!!

I sincerely hope that if any of you guys were watching, you were screaming "IDIOTS!!! DON'T YOU READ MOMMY SHORTS???!!!!" at the screen.

Here's the clip…


My life is made. I'm packing up the blog now and going home.

Ummm… until some really big news tomorrow….



Thank you to Wendy Nielsen for sending me the clip above and Teresa Mowry for the photo!