In some ways, second (and third, and fourth…) babies are easier than the first one. You and your partner have already transitioned from Regular Couple to Exhausted Parents Who Never Go Out Anymore. You’ve mastered the art of burping a baby without getting spit-up on your shirt (or at least given up on wearing clean shirts), and you’ve learned how to survive on discarded yogurt melts and three hours of sleep.

On the other hand, it’s tougher in a lot of ways, too. You’re outnumbered. Your house looks like the dumpster behind Toys R Us. And chances are, you’re feeling guilty that instead of having naptime hours free to fill out baby books, your attention is split between your toddler’s grilled cheese burning on the stove and the fact that your youngest can now climb over baby gates.

Chanelle Mendoza wasn’t planning on the fanfare of a gender reveal for baby number three, but somehow she get talked into a co-reveal with her pregnant sister-in-law. She picked up her confetti-filled gender reveal balloon and headed with her kids to the car to leave for the party.

Unfortunately, when you mix a pregnant mom, two young kids, and one very important oversized balloon, it’s not hard to guess what happens next.

On the plus side, even in just 25 seconds of video, it’s easy to see this mom has more patience than I ever will. If anyone can handle three kids, it’s a woman who can calmly walk away with piles of confetti at her feet!

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