Thank you to everyone for submitting your awful family photos to the Worst Holiday Card competition! And thank you to Minted for letting me use their holiday card designs for the contest. Not accusing me of stealing is what the holidays are all about.

Is it just me or would the holidays be 100% more enjoyable if everyone used their worst photos as their holiday cards instead of the good ones? Seeing these photos has brought me way more joy than the perfect family moments I've been getting in the mail daily.

No offense to anyone who sent me a holiday card. You guys are all adorable! And so well matched!

The votes have been tabulated and the contest is now over. The top ten cards with the most "likes" all get a copy of Awkward Family Holiday Photos and the grand prize winner gets a family portrait designed by My Little Buffalo. So you can bypass that whole family photo shoot thing next year.


I'm going to announce the winners like Miss America. The runner-ups first in ascending order. And the winners are…

In 10th place, the Tesecos! 


In 9th place, the Georges!


In 8th place, the Morales Family!


In 7th place, the Brygiders!


In 6th place, the Hesse family!


In 5th place, the Uddybacks!


In 4th place, the Kysers!


In 3rd place, the Townsends!


In 2nd place, the Striblings!


And in 1st place, with the ABSOLUTE WORST HOLIDAY PHOTO, congratulations to the Casey Family!


I sincerely hope the Casey kids have cracked a smile since Christmas. Maybe New Year's is their holiday?

Congratulations to all the winners. Please contact ilana@mommyshorts.com with subject line "I'M A WINNER!" to claim your prize.

To everyone else, please remember not to delete your horrible family photos. They could make you a winner one day too.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Big news! I'm up for BEST BLOG and BEST INSTAGRAM on Parents Magazine Social Media Awards. You can vote every day in both categories until January 13th. I'll be reminding you daily because I really want to win this one. THANK YOU!!!