This was a big week— I started working, it was my birthday, and most importantly (eye roll), it was Thanksgiving. But last week was a big week too. Mazzy tried to entrench herself in the cutthroat world of Washington politics. SERIOUSLY. Here's how it all went down…

I used Mazzy as a pawn to win votes

• Which might have cost me the election

• In a weird twist of fate, Mazzy decided to run for office herself

• She hired a campaign manager

Alerted the paparazzi

• And tried to raise some funds

• She figured if she lost, she'd at least get a spot on "Dancing With Babies"

• But then she got caught calling her opponent a jackass

• And referring to a bunny as a pig

Everyone was horrified

• Her campaign was labeled a "Lame Puppet Show"

Mazzy had a breakdown

• And the whole country was compromised

In addition to the end of Mazzy's run for presidency in the year 2054, there were lots of new parental tweets, funny baby videos and the all important introduction of the Mommy Shorts Holiday Baby Gift Guide.

Abby, Meghan, Natasha, Sue, Trudy and Valerie won the Jaxxwear footies giveaway and Roseanne won the Giddy Up & Go baby barrette giveaway. If you have not already done so, please email me at with your address to claim your prize.

Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. You'll be happy to know that Mazzy is already over her political failure and has moved on to more important things like wrecking Aunt Judy's house and washing her face with sweet potato pie.

See ya Monday!