With businesses closed around the country, many of us are currently working from home. And since schools are out for the foreseeable future, we now have to do our day jobs while also supporting “distance learning” and needy children who don’t have any sense of personal space. If you’re in the midst of this unique 2020 challenge, you know it’s a recipe for ridiculousness. And that’s putting it nicely.

When times are tough, I always think having a laugh helps us all from falling off the edge. Other working parents seem to agree, because the latest online trend is sharing annoying things that your kids do while your trying to work, replacing the word “kid” with “co-worker.”

Allow me to demonstrate with some actual comments from the Remarkably Avergae Parents Facebook group…

20 Parents Tell Us What Their New “Co-Worker” Is Up To

1. “My co-worker stabbed me in the foot with a Mickey Mouse fork because he wanted lunch while I was on a work call.” – Kearsten

2. “My co-worker stuck his hand in my yogurt this morning.” – Beatrice

3. “My co-worker just took a nap on the floor.” – Katie

4. “My co-worker keeps following me to the bathroom so he can clap while I pee.” – Jessica

5. “On the third day of work, my co-worker demanded all of our money. Demands were not met.” – Melissa

6. “One co-worker is insisting she grow a muffin tree out of muffin crumbs, another co-worker is force-feeding me pretzels, and my third co-worker has been singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me since yesterday.” – Heather

7. “My co-worker is lying next to me and playing with my hair while he watches cartoons. He is currently pantless. But have no fear, he has his ‘work boots’ on!” – Dana

8. “My co-worker is reading his work out loud, which would be ok except he is breathing heavily and whispering it in my ear like a serial killer.” – Kathy

9. “My co-worker is currently sitting on my legs and asking me to tickle him.” – Cortney

10. “My co-worker is not wearing any pants. When asked if she would be putting on pants, she responded with ‘Don’t judge me, woman.” – Heather

11. “My co-worker stole my iced coffee and dumped it all over himself while I was helping my other co-worker wipe his nose.” – Aimee

12. “Since starting to share an office with my co-worker, I no longer have time to complete my own work. My co-worker constantly wants me to either check the work that he has done and expects lots of praise for it, or wants me to ‘collaborate’ with him on projects where he dictates what I do, but changes his mind constantly about project outcomes.” – Alison

13. “My co-worker keeps stealing my phone and taking selfies.” – Madonna

14. “My co-worker announced he had to poop, left the door open, grunted and then asked me to wipe his butt because “it makes mama’s heart happy.’ It does not make my heart happy for the record.” – Amy

15. “One of my co-workers hit another co-worker in the mouth with a tablet and blamed the third co-worker. Meanwhile the second co-worker bled all over the place yelling ‘MINE!’ After getting caught they couldn’t keep their story straight, so they they threw a box of straws in the air as a distraction and locked themselves in the bathroom.” – Lawren

16.  “My co-worker wore a blue gown to the office three days in a row. She is now demanding that the rest of the staff refer to her only as ‘Queen Elsa.’ Meanwhile, my other co-worker wears cat ears every day. We need to get HR out here to review appropriate business attire.” – Serena

17. “My youngest co-worker came to work dressed in just a shirt and tights. I can see her underwear, it’s totally inappropriate. I just don’t understand this generation.” Amanda

18. “My co-worker hid under the table and pouted.” – Kelly

19. “My co-workers keep coming into my office to give me kisses and hugs and to tell me they love me.” – Shannon

20. “My co-worker is not following CDC guidelines for social distancing. Also, she thinks she’s a unicorn.” – Rebekah

So, what are your co-workers up to?