When picking out Mazzy's clothes, I thought I would be someone who favored the more gender neutral colors like yellow and green. After all, my favorite color as a little girl was *GASP* blue. But for reasons I can't explain, I don't like it when Mazzy is mistaken for a boy. Which means more and more, I find myself gravitating towards pink. I try to strike what I will call "The Girly Balance". For example, if Mazzy is wearing pink, I don't think it should be frilly. And if she is wearing something frilly, then I don't think it should be pink. But all that goes away when you add a hair accessory. Even the most boyish of clothing looks instantly girly when a baby's got a bow in her hair. I know that Mazzy could have sported one of those flower handbands from the second she exited the womb, but that never seemed like her/my style. I've always been more of a style with function knd of person. Which is why I have been rather impatiently awaiting the day when Mazzy's hair grows long enough to warrant the use of a girlier than girly baby barrette. You know, because her hair would be in her eyes otherwise!

I am particularly in love with the beyond precious hair accessories (pictured above) from Giddy Up And Grow. They are handmade using a combination of wool felt, vintage fabrics, and unique charms. All the materials are eco-friendly and often upcycled from vintage pieces. Most barrettes even come with a detachable handband that works on your baby girl even if she is currently sporting more of a Bruce Willis than an Ashton. They are so versatile that Robyn, the woman behind Giddy Up and Grow, says that some moms even end up wearing her creations themselves.

Robyn sells her headbands and clips for around $10-$15 a piece but you can potentially win one for free by leaving a comment below. Winner gets to choose any hair accessory from Giddy Up and Grow's shop on Etsy. There's a large selection inclding a bunch of holiday-themed options which would make great stocking sttuffers. Personally, I can't wait to try one on Mazzy. Of course, I'm pretty sure as soon as I get it in her hair, she is going to tear it out and eat it like candy.

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UPDATE: Congratulations, Roseanne! Feel free to check out Giddy Up and Grow's shop on Etsy and select any single hair accessory you would like. Then email me at with your address and your selection and I will arrange to have that hair accessory shipped as soon as possible. If your comment is any indication, it sounds like a hair emergency. We'll have that baby looking like a girl in no time!