When I was a toddler I didn't have or need a backpack. But boy have times changed. Apparently, once you turn three, you start getting homework from Music & Movement class. And if you don't have homework, you would be lost without a portable drink holder and a place to perfectly insulate your snacks. DUH. Also, there's a write-in nametag inside. THANK GOD— someone could steal your very important plastic baggie of Goldfish and then the whole country might be compromised! There's even an easy to clean lining in case your juicebox goes rogue. And an extra pocket to keep your crayons in order. In case you are that kind of kid.

The wonderfully whimsical animal details of Skiphop's Little Kid Zoo Packs go without saying. Also available in monkey, zebra and penguin varieties. All eight versions can be purchased by using the link below. Thanks to Marie from Les 3 Castsfiores for bringing Zoo Packs to my attention.