The Best Mommy Blog Awards end at midnight tonight (Monday, November 15th) so I will just cut to the chase. After maintaining the lead all weekend thanks to everyone that voted for me (seriously, thank you), I have now fallen to second place. BUT— I think if I can just get everyone who originally voted for me to vote AGAIN, I may still have a shot. (You are allowed to vote more than once a day so even if you have already voted, your vote will count again). If you would like to read my impassioned Hoosiers-esque speech about the power of the underdog, please click here. (I have never seen Hoosiers but I know that you are supposed to reference it whenever you speak of inspiring pep talks).

I don't have Gene Hackman (nor do I have 8000 facebook fans and the backing of the Huffington Post!) but I do have an adorable baby. Above is a picture of her asking you to click on the link below and vote for Mommy Shorts. Cheap and effective, hopefully. (Also, we will never speak of this again).

Thank you and fingers crossed!