Yesterday, Harlow and I were talking about the upcoming election. I told her that I would be voting for Joe Biden. She had one big question for me. “Is he a good man?” I said that I don’t know him personally, but I believe he is a good man. And more importantly, he will surround himself with a great team of people. I told her that you don’t have to have all the answers to be a great leader. You just have to surround yourself with experts you trust in different areas and then be willing to listen to them.

Then I told her that Biden was the Vice President to Obama. “Oh! So he’s a VERY good man!” I love that Harlow sees Obama choosing Biden as his second-in-command as the best possible job reference. It’s true!

Then she said, “And that means that he has been very close to the President so he knows what a president has to do.”

“Yes!” I told her. “What you are saying is that he has experience, which I agree, is very important. Donald Trump didn’t have any experience and that is one reason he is not doing a good job.”

“Donald Trump has experience in being mean,” she told me. Pretty much. (By the way, I never had to tell her that. She can see who Trump is just by listening to him.)

Then I asked her who she thought Biden should choose for Vice President. She told me that he should pick a girl. I told her that he has said that he will definitely choose a woman. I told her that there are so many tremendously qualified women who would make great Vice Presidents and Biden understands that the country would benefit greatly from a female perspective.

Harlow said he should pick Michelle Obama. I told her that I don’t think Michelle Obama wants the job. Then Harlow said that I could be Vice President. I told her I was very happy with my current job. “Would I make a good Vice President?” she asked very seriously. I told her she was too young at the moment, but she could aim for that in the future. She told me that if she were President, she would make a law that everyone had to own a dog.

Then I told her about some of the potential candidates. We talked about Kamala Harris, who Harlow loved when she was running for the Democratic nominee. I told her that Harris would also be a great Attorney General, which is like being the government’s lawyer. We talked about Elizabeth Warren, who I said would also be great as the Secretary of the Treasury— the person who is in charge of our country’s money. We talked about Stacey Abrams who I said is a voting rights activist and came really close to becoming the Governor of Georgia. We talked about Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs while fighting for our country.

“Is she in a wheelchair?” Harlow asked.

“Yes. Isn’t it amazing that she got where she is despite her disability? And she became a mom at 50!”


I love these conversations. Now Harlow and I will both be excited to hear who we will be supporting in the fall. A big change can’t come soon enough.