Nothing makes you question the appropriateness of every thing you were exposed to as a child then having a child of your own. My favorite book collection when I was little was the Madeline series. When I found out I was having a baby girl, I immediately purchased about a half dozen of them on Amazon. When she was born, I picked one up at random to read to her. Not only was the rhyming questionable but there were mentions of both robbery and death. Huh. That doesn't seem right. Then I downloaded a CD of children's music to play while in the house. The first song came on— "Old MacDonald". Great. Then the second— "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Yay. And then the third— "Ate a Peanut". Do you know what happens in "Ate a Peanut"? THE KID DIES AND GOES TO HELL. How do you sing this song to a 6 month old? The woman that swallowed the fly? She died too. Even the guy in "Skip to My Lou" threatens my child he'll find a partner "prettier than you". And don't even get me started on the Disney movies. Snow White was poisoned. Cinderella was treated like a slave. The Sleeping Beauty was in a coma. Rapunzel was locked in a closet. You might as well turn on The Young and The Restless for your child's entertainment— there is WAY LESS DRAMA.

This disturbing trip down memory lane led me to the adorable and humorous take on "The Big Bad Wolf" by Geared For Imagination pictured above (he ATE Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother in case you forgot). They've changed his name to the more baby-friendly "The Crazy Cuddly Wolf" and instead of devouring senior citizens, this time around he just stuffs random items in a zipper pouch so there is nothing to be afraid of. The five stuffable activity toys include a Little Red Riding Hood plush doll, a plush cell phone that "rings", a chicken that chimes, a pig that squeaks and a plush pot (which sounds like drug paraphernalia but it's not). Plus The Crazy Cuddly Wolf has a nose that squeaks, a head that chimes and a tail that crinkles for added stimulation.

And not a half-eaten meemaw in sight.