Picture 15

Along with the posts about why I want to kick the baby out of the house and my videos of Mazzy and her boyfriend in compromising positions, I post a lot of things for purchase. I do this in unique baby gifts, in games good parents play and in best of baby design. I love searching the web for cool stuff to feature because long before I realized I could write, I made a living in design. When I find products I want to feature, I see if they are on Amazon and then I LINK THAT SHIT UP. (If they aren't on Amazon I still link to where you can purchase them). Why does it matter if the items are on Amazon? It matters because Amazon will give me a percentage of the sale if it is made through my site. Do you know where this is headed…?

If you see something that you would like to buy that I featured, when you are ready to make your purchase, PLEASE do me the favor of clicking on it from my site. You can easily find the items either in the Mommy Shorts Shop or in the original post where it was featured. (If the item links up to somewhere other than Amazon, like an Etsy seller? No worries. I won't get paid if you purchase them but don't let that stop you, obviously). In the shop, you will also find the Mommy Shorts Holiday Gift Guide, a curated list of what I consider some of the best baby toys out there.

One more thing. If you still haven't bought your holiday cards (like me), I can offer you a deal through Tiny Prints. If you click on the the banner below, you can use the code to receive their special holiday offer and I get a percentage of the sale.

$15 off any holiday order of $99 or more OR $20 off any holiday order of $149 or more. (Code HOLAFF)

That is all. Carry on.