Yesterday, I gave a finger puppet show to Mazzy involving a bunch of farm animals going on a trip to an ice cream shop. It was a horrible mother/daughter moment where my 11 month old recognized her mother's true potential for lameness. Can you imagine the show I could have put on if I had known about these fine specimen from Abbey Christine?


If you haven't already figured it out— those are handmade finger puppets of Larry David, Johnny Cash, Joan Hollaway, Ira Glass, Bob Ross, and Lloyd Dobler. So fucking random and fantastic.  I imagine my new and improved puppet show would involve 1960s office politics, musically fueled drug addiction, happy little accidents, obsessive stalking combined with kick boxing and a fear of flying, charming slices of small town America, and unpolitically correct neuroses. I would give you an example of how the puppet show might play out but after numerous attempts, I have decided that screenplays for really cool puppet shows are just not part of my skill set. But I'm sure we can all imagine that it would be far more interesting than a cow sharing a cone of soft serve with a chicken.

Abbey Christine's brilliance doesn't end with the finger puppets pictured above. In addition to two items I have featured previously— her pet look-alike finger puppets and an Omar Little bibshe also sells "The Women of Mad Men" Christmas ornaments complete with a Betty Draper frowny face and "The I Love Wes Anderson Postcard Set" perfect for commemorating life's important milestones such as "congratulations on that weird novel you published, good luck finding your estranged mother in India, sorry that shark killed your partner, etc."

I can think of no better stocking stuffers than the irreverent randomness found in Abbey Christine's shop on Etsy.

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