Remember on Tuesday when I posted about the mommy daughter team who made paper dresses? My exact words on facebook were: "You want to see something right before it goes viral?"

Well, don't ever call me a liar.

On the day I posted, @2sisters_angie had 1011 followers on Instagram and now she is ending this evening at 173K. I'm sure by the time you read this, she'll be over 200K. 

First E-online picked it up Tuesday evening and then Huffington Post syndicated my post on Wednesday and then Buzzfeed picked it up after that and then People Magazine and then before I knew it, I was sited as a source on Seventeen Magazine, fulfilling all of my thirteen-year-old dreams.

A lot of people want to know how I found her. You know how? 

She's a long time reader of Mommy Shorts!

How cool is that? She's one of us!

Well, she's super famous now and will probably by on Ellen next week, but one of us just the same!

Anyway, because Angie and her daughter Mayhem are awesome, they made me my very own Mommy Shorts inspired dress to say "thanks". That's the "I Love NY" dress pictured up top.

And I quote:

"We give you the Ilana aka the @mommyshorts dress. Because hanging out on her site today has given us a lot to jump up and down about."


Thanks to that dress, I woke up to a lot of new followers on Instagram too! Not 100K of them, but enough to make me a little nervous about what to post next.

I settled on this…


And I quote:

"This is Harlow and Mazzy. They don't make amazing dresses from paper. They wear flannel pajamas, watch too much television and steal my iPhone when I'm not looking. I hope you like them anyway."

If I'm stressed with @mommyshorts at 23K followers, I can't even imagine the pressure Angie is under at 174K!

Plus, she's got the Oscars coming up!!!! 

I would be shitting myself.

By the way, did you notice that Angie jumped 1000 followers in just the time I was writing this post?

Crazy town.

What else happened this month besides Mayhem taking over the world with construction paper?

• Harlow stole three Power Bars at the airport

• Mazzy nearly fainted at the sight of Anna and Elsa

• Mike caused a four-person-pile-up on the bunny slopes

• I beat Noelle Pikus Pace in the Olympics (don't believe me? there is video)

• Harlow carried a purse 

• Mazzy learned about death from Frozen

• Then she pinned headless Olaf cakes on her Pinerest Board

New moms couldn't wait to go back to work

• My daughters hate me in the future

• A cute kid played in the rain

• Lilah ate cake with her foot

• We all lost the Clean Laundry Relay

• Breastfeeding mums got a new anthem

• Mike and I went on our second date

• Kids reenacted the Oscar Movies

• Toddlers butchered "Let it Go", in a good way

Tots and pups cuddled together and everyone bought a dog

Siblings snuggled together and everyone got pregnant

Congratulations to Jessica Cash who won the 7 A.M. Enfant giveaway for over $250 worth of amazing winter baby gear. She said, the only thing harder than dressing your kids for the cold is "trying to pee alone".


You have up to March 3rd to enter the Team Cuddle contest sponsored by Freshpet for a chance to win $1000. Got an adorable cuddling duo? Post them here.

One more thing before I bid you farewell for the weekend…

Angie and Mayhem have 178K followers now! Holy crap. A star is born.

See you back here next week,

— Mommy Shorts

PS: 179K!